JV-Relatives 5.5 Release and 25% Price Cut!

2015 09 06 16 12 34

2015 09 06 16 12 34

Today we are glad to release the next version (v 5.5) of JV-Relatives to the Joomla community, and also announce a price cut in JV-Relatives purchases. JV-Relatives (JV-REL) is an advanced Joomla related articles and keyword tagging extension suite for Related Articles, Keyword Tags Listing, Social Media Buttons for Sharing, and End of Page Slide Out Box!. JV-Relatives improves article readership and dramatically increases your ability to retain your visitors for longer periods of time, by displaying closely related articles in Joomla.

Version 5.5 is a minor enhancement and bug fix release containing the following changes:

  • New option to show category in related article listings
  • Compatibility with EasyBlog 5
  • Mootools phase out to JQuery
  • Following configuration options are now moved to modules, fields and plugins and customizable there, instead of from component global configuration.
    • Show intro
    • Intro character count
    • Title character count
    • Click on title to show intro
    • Show timestamp information
    • Show #hits
    • Show creator
    • Timestamp format

Customers having active subscriptions of JV-Relatives can now download this version from the Downloads area for their Joomla 3.x website. For the complete set of changes, please refer to the release notes in the downloads area.

Price Cut for JV-Relatives:

Customers will be delighted to know that we have reduced the prices of JV-Relatives subscriptions effective today. Any flavor of JV-Relatives (JV-Relatives for Joomla Core, JV-Relatives for K2, JV-Relatives for EasyBlog and JV-Relatives for Cobalt) will cost US $30 instead of US $40. If you decide to renew the purchase before it expires, then you can renew it now @ US $10 per year instead of US $19. That is a 25% reduction in first time purchase and 50% reduction in renewals!

Similarly you can now purchase JV-Relatives All in One Bundle (includes JV-Relatives for Joomla Core, K2, EasyBlog, Cobalt) for US $60 instead of US $75. The renewal price is also only $20 per year subsequently.

Special Offer:

Additionally, if your subscription has expired already and you did not renew, then we are providing a 40% discount on a fresh purchase of JV-Relatives. This offer is valid only till September 15th 2015. To get this discount, please contact us with your username at jv-extensions.com, so that we can verify your previous purchase and issue the discount coupon to you.

If you are happy with JV-Relatives, do not forget to vote and post a review for JV-Relatives at JED