JV-Relatives 5.6 Launched – Redesigned Layout, Style Overrides, Scroll Magic and more….

Related Items for Joomla

Related Items for Joomla

We are super happy to announce the release of JV-Relatives 5.6 with some exciting new features to the Joomla community. Existing JV-Relatives customers can download this new version from My Account – My Downloads section. Please read on for more information on features introduced.

New Features introduced for Joomla Related Articles in version 5.6:

1. Customize the related articles output: 

Want to customize the Joomla related articles output and css to match with your website look and feel? You can easily do this by overriding JV-Relatives style files (php) and also create css overrides using custom.css file! This is super easy and it takes only a few minutes to match the output to your site design or to show images and articles in any layout (centered or by the side etc…) as you wish. 

2. Exclude categories from displaying related articles:

Dont want to display Joomla related items in certain categories? No problem. We covered that too!. You can now select and exclude whole categories from displaying related articles. If you want more control, then you can include {jvrelatives} tag in an article to not show related articles in it.

3. The Scrolling Magic!

Configure JV-Relatives to show related items magically as user scrolls to a specific div or paragraph in article. As admin, you can configure the nth occurrence or a random occurrence of the div or p tag where the related articles will appear. This will be super useful to surprise your reader with related articles as he reaches a specific paragraph or div and as he scrolls through the article.

4. Fresh look of related articles output using fontawesome icons instead of mouseover:

We have now replaced the mouseover option to show details like number of hits, modified/created date and author of the related article, and now using awesome icons to show them. Check them out at any article at jv-extensions.com for a preview!

5. Different styles for tags displaying:

With JV-Relatives you can display tags or keywords in different styles and colors. You can choose from Black, Grey, Orange, Blue colors in the classic display style, or the bootstrap based style which comes with random color for tags.

6. Advanced Caching for Content Heavy Sites!

Have a content heavy website, and want to show related items in Joomla? JV-Relatives comes with advanced caching mechanism which enables it to render related articles in a fraction of a second when it’s cache feature is enabled. This feature does not require Joomla caching to be enabled!

We have also revamped the entire documentation of JV-Relatives to make it more explantatory. Do read them as you use JV-Relatives, and do reach out to us for any assistance via forums or support tickets. Hope you enjoy the new features introduced in 5.6 version of JV-Relatives.