JV-Relatives Price Cut and Launch of JV-Relatives for Cobalt with Coupon!


We are about to share some exciting news with you about JV-Relatives…

JV-Relatives for Cobalt:

CobaltCCKWe are excited to announce the integration and support of JV-Relatives with Cobalt CCK. Cobalt is a fast growing CCK that works in Joomla 2.5 and 3.0, and this can be used to construct any kind of websites from online galleries to e-commerce. We are happy to announce that you can now show related records using JV-Relatives in Cobalt records. The integration is provided in 2 different modes.

  1. As a module
  2. As a field

Some of the features of the integration include:

  1. Select keyword source from Cobalt tags, meta keywords, AceSEF and sh404SEF.
  2. Search for related records with in the same content type as that of the displayed article or from articles of specific content types.
  3. Select the section for which you related articles to work on.
  4. You may also have different instances of modules for different sections in the respective pages.
  5. Show thumbnail image of related records from specific text field or image field.
  6. Search inside article titles.
  7. Option to fall back for related articles.
  8. Display tags in the record.
  9. Display social media buttons in the record.

Price Cut for JV-Relatives:

This week we have introduced a major purchase model change and price cut for JV-Relatives. With growing compatibilities with 3PD extensions, we have decided to offer JV-Relatives in multiple flavors. Each flavor would be specific to a 3PD component support. At the time of writing, we are offering 4 flavors:

  1. JV-Relatives for Joomla Core Content
  2. JV-Relatives for EasyBlog
  3. JV-Relatives for K2
  4. JV-Relatives for Cobalt

Customers can now purchase any desired flavor of JV-Relatives for only US $29 for 1 full year of updates, access to online docs and support. For those who need multiple flavors, we are offering “JV-Relatives All in One Bundle” which will have all the flavors in it. The bundle purchase also ensures that any future integration when available, will be added into the bundle by default for free. All existing active customers of JV-Relatives will automatically be customers of “JV-Relatives All in One Bundle”

For a limited time, customers can use the coupon code “AUG-BUNDLE” (without quotes) to avail a 20% discount on the purchase of “JV-Relatives All in One Bundle”. This offer expires on August 31st 2014.