JV-ShrinkTheWeb 2.0 for Joomla 3.x Released and is FREE!

We are excited to introduce Joomla 3.x native compatibility for JV-ShrinkTheWeb, the free and advanced thumbnail preview extension suite for Joomla!.The 2.0 version released today provides this compatibility and will be developed and supported in parallel to the 1.x versions of JV-ShrinkTheWeb.

The version of JV-ShrinkTheWeb for Joomla 3.x provides an Editor Plugin that inserts a button into the editor (see figure below). The button is called “URL Preview” and clicking on this will open up a pop up window where you can provide the values for parameters for url preview generation. The editor plugin will automatically create the stwpreview tag line and will insert into the content!. So its super easy now to add stwpreview tags into your content!

As you might be aware, JV-ShrinkTheWeb was introduced as a commercial product, given away for free for fixed period time. Owing to the excellent response for the product, and to contribute to the Joomla community, we have decided to keep JV-ShrinkTheWeb completely FREE forever.

Hope you like the latest version of JV-ShrinkTheWeb. If so please do spend a couple of minutes and rate and write a short review about it @ Joomla! Extensions Directory.