JV-ShrinkTheWeb 3.0 Released

Greetings from JV-Extensions!

We are glad to announce the release of JV-ShrinkTheWeb 3.0 for Joomla 3.x. JV-ShrinkTheWeb (JV-STW) 3.0 is a major feature release for JV-ShrinkTheWeb and comes with exciting new features like Local thumbnails, ‘Simple’ method that can use a Free STW account to fetch thumbnails, ability to fetch URL of preview image, enhanced preview manager and more… Read more to know about these features…

Use Free account at ShinkTheWeb !

We have introduced a new option in JV-STW settings in back-end with which you will be able to select between using “Simple” and “Advanced” API methods to fetch thumbnails. Advanced method is the preferred one over Simple method, as you get the advantages of error reporting, avoiding repeated bad requests, obfuscating requests, caching locally, better security, and simpler setup (automatically adding referrers to the “Allowed Referrers” list). This leads to performance boost, redundancy, and lower bandwidth usage/cost. Nevertheless, free account (Simple method) at ShrinkTheWeb has generous limits, good enough for most users, and is recommended if your monthly usage is low, and if you are not keen on caching and reaping its benefits on page loading time.

Get URL of Thumbnail:

In 3.0, we have introduced a new attribute to {stwpreview} tag called urlonly=”yes” which can be used to get the url of the generated and cached thumbnail instead of getting the image html. This can be useful when you integrate or use JV-ShrinkTheWeb with other 3PD Joomla extensions.

Local/Custom Thumbnails:

This is one of the biggest features introduced in JV-STW 3.0. With this feature, you can now add local/custom thumbnails to JV-ShrinkTheWeb via back-end. We have provided a new interface in back-end using which you can upload your own image as thumbnail preview for a url. If the local thumbnail exists, then it will be used instead of contacting shrinktheweb.com. This way you can now use this feature to server your own thumbnails when there is a missing image or you want to show a different preview image for a url.

Enhanced Preview Manager:

Source page url, generation time, and stwpreview tag is now recorded for every generation. Additionally we have enhanced the “Manage Thumbnail Previews” screen in back-end with ability to search based on source page url. By default the search query field in shown in manage previews home screen. We now show the most recently 20 generated previews in manage preview screen.

Hope you enjoy the new features in JV-ShrinkTheWeb 3.0.