JV-ShrinkTheWeb goes commercial

In November 2012, we released JV-ShrinkTheWeb as a commercial product, but offered it for free for a limited time. Well, it was indeed surely a lot of time till now, when we decide to make it paid. After giving it for free for more than 2 years now, we are charging a fee for download, support and on-line documentation, just like our other commercial products.

JV-ShrinkTheWeb is also ShrinkTheWeb.com CERTIFIED. It works with all types of free/basic/plus shrinktheweb.com accounts and PRO features. Starting today, only JV-ShrinkTheWeb customers will be able to create and reply to posts in JV-ShrinkTheWeb community forums. JV-ShrinkTheWeb customers can also file support tickets for their issues. Access to on-line documentation and product downloads are now restricted to active customers of JV-ShrinkTheWeb.

The price of JV-ShrinkTheWeb will be US $25 for 1 year, with an optional renewal fee of US 10 per subsequent year.

We hope you liked JV-ShrinkTheWeb, and would like to support us by purchasing it and get professional support for it. We will also be adding lots of documentation articles like integrating thumbnail previews with modules, articles, other components like WebLinks etc… in the coming days.

For JV-LinkDirectory customers, JV-ShrinkTheWeb product download will be available in the JV-LinkDirectory downloads section for free till April 30th 2015. Subsequently if you decide to upgrade or access documentation or downloads of ShrinkTheWeb, then you need to purchase JV-ShrinkTheWeb separately from us. We are releasing JV-LinkDirectory 5.4 in the next couple of days which adds more thumbnail preview alternatives like Thumbalizr, in addition to existing Thumboo, Picoshot, Local thumbnails and Websnapr.

You may purchase JV-ShrinkTheWeb anytime from our Store.