Lend a helping hand – Donate for social causes

JV-Extensions is committed to various social causes in India, and have been giving a helping hand to those, who are badly in need of proper food, basic education and care in India. We would like to invite you to contribute to this cause, with your donations. Your donations, however small it shall be, can make a big difference to all those who need help.

Funds collected through these donations, will be given to various Non-Governmental Organizations across India. Details of the cause, contribution of each donor, amount donated and NGO information will be published in our blog, once every 3 months.

JV-LinkExchanger is a very famous free product given by JV-Extensions to the Joomla community. If you wish to appreciate us in some way for this gesture and if you are satisfied with JV-LinkExchanger, then contributing to our cause will be best way to show your appreciation.

Please help us in helping the needy.

Please use the ChipIn widget below, to start donating