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2015 10 04 20 25 42

2015 10 04 20 25 42

new versionJV-Extensions is pleased to announce the release of JV-PostMaster 3.3 version today to all our customers. This is a long pending release and has finally made it with some significant new features that include LinkedIn and EasySocial posting.



linkedinJV-PM can now be configured to post to your LinkedIn profile and company pages. Like for Twitter and Facebook, you need to create an application in LinkedIn and authorize it to post to your profile and company pages. The integration allows you to configure type of url (short/long), posts visibility, and maximum number of characters of description to be posted. You can also auto post (upon item save) or post manually any message format or even a raw user defined message. 



logo easysocial strokeEasySocial from StackIdeas is a social network extension for Joomla! that allows you to start your own social network on Joomla! Fast and easy. Instantly engage and interact with your members with one extension on your desktop, smartphones and tablets. JV-PM integrates with EasySocial by letting you post to EasySocial stream. You can post article image, title, description, meta description and link. Note that apart from installing JV-PM, you need to install the JV-PM App for EasySocial as well to get this integration working.

Other significant minor features in this release include:

  1. Compatibility with EasyBlog 5 version.
  2. Better logging – message display, Logging for cron, usability changes
  3. Post images in the description in facebook, jomsocial, tumblr as a part of the description text. Make absolute urls relative ones.
  4. Facebook SDK Library upgrade.
  5. Cron job workflow modifications
  6. Associate the queue ID with Job ID for mapping. Job ID is now displayed in the Queue for each item which is linked to a modal window which shows that specific job. Enables better troubleshooting.
  7. Show Expiry date of token with date in accounts summary and edit screens.
  8. Edit, authorize buttons explicitly displayed in accounts screen.

Please visit the Download section to view the complete changelog for this version.

Celebration Sale

To celebrate this release, we are running a 25% sale on all JV-PostMaster products (JV-PM All in one Bundle, JV-PM for Joomla Core, JV-PM for K2 and JV-PM for EasyBlog). Use the coupon code “JVPM-25” at Checkout and avail the benefit now. This sale ends on October 10th 2015.

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