Major Changes – JV-Extensions Website and Services Redesign

Though we had to take our website offline for sometime, we are super thrilled to open up our new website design to all our customers. We have done major changes to the website including the look and feel, page design, and functionalities too. The core objective of the redesign has been to make it easy for customers to browse the website, purchase products, download products and seek support from us. Here are some major changes that may affect you:

Registration: Customers are no longer required to create an account to make a purchase of our products! You may wish to create a new account only if you want to post in our community forums!

Purchasing Experience: Purchasing a product can be done now in 2-3 clicks and is much simplified. You will be able to purchase a product here in 25 seconds! We have partnered with SendOwl, who will handle the payment processing with PayPal for us. 2Checkout is longer an option at-least for a few more months.

Downloading Products: We longer provide an exclusive page to download all purchased products at our website. Instead you will be able to download the product immediately after purchase, or use the order email to get the download link anytime. It is much easier than before! For more info, please visit the Downloads page.

You may download our free products from the product detail page in a single click!

Forum Support: Our forum will continue to exist, but it will be community driven instead of developers posting answers regularly. While you can still expect developers to post answers, it will be occasionally only.

Ticket Support? The biggest change for existing customers is on Ticket Support. We will no longer provide ticket support from our website. We have instead moved to E-mail support for all paid customers. We anticipate faster response times, and better tracking with E-mail support at our end. You dont need to worry about your older tickets. They have all been ported to our new support platform and we will start replying to open tickets very soon. Customers can seek fast and dedicated email support by directly writing to us at Don’t forget to white-list our support email address so that our replies dont end up in spam or bulk folders.

Documentation: We have made documentation for all free and paid products open and free. We have created a new knowledge base website where you can find all documentation articles for all products. We plan to constantly update them with tips and tricks, troubleshooting articles etc…

Support Beacon: Support beacon is the clickable support icon that you find to the bottom right hand side corner. Clicking on that icon will open up a window where you can search for answers to your questions. If you dont find an answer, then you may always click on “Send Message” in that window to send your question to us.

JV-MailChimp is FREE!: Yes you read it right. We have made JV-MailChimp totally a free product and will be available for all to download anytime!

Welcome our new colleague – Deepa Bhaskaran to JV-Extensions. I am excited to introduce her our customers. She will be our senior technical staff member, and developer, and will be very actively involved in helping you with our product support and further development.

These are major changes for existing customers. Trust us, this experience will be rewarding for you!

Do let us know what you think about these changes or if you have any questions. We are looking forward to serving you better.