Massive Maintenance Operations and Migration to IPB at JV-Extensions

It has been a long week now having spent enormous effort in migrating our website to a new software. We had to take our site down for a day almost, for this migration, inspite of trial runs on test systems, That was the volume of data that we had to migrate, reprocess and verify. We were using vBulletin 4.x and had severe problems with it, starting from the beginning. We hoped that vBulletin ironed those issues out, but it seemed much slower than our expectation. We moved to vBulletin 3.8.x in early 2008, and the software was really good. But with vBulletin 4.x versions, the quality of the software was not that good and it had hundreds of known issues – refer to vbulletin bug tracker.

We then made a study of the alternative systems that are forum based and decided to go with Invision Power Board and its suite. We have completed this migration now and all our data and files have been successfully migrated to this new software base in JV-Extensions. We hope to continue with IPB for a long time and wish they are better managed than vBulletin.

With this migration, we have several new areas of the site. They are:

Members: Here you can see the list of members and their basic information like reputation, display name etc…

Store: This is the new section, which is the equivalent of the "Purchase" section before. You can purchase our products from the Store.

Downloads: Here you can download our free and commercial products. You need not be a member of our website, to download our free software. You can directly head over to the Downloads section instead. For commercial products, you need to register and then make a purchase to download them

Pages: This is the articles section of the site. It contains documentation for all our products – both free and commercial. It also has documents on our policies, our product descriptions and FAQ.

Forums: The same old forums where we used to provide support for our products. With the new system in place, the forums will be more peer-peer operated. This is an area where we encourage customers to help each other. You can also find JV-Extensions staff engaged in conversations in these forums

Ticketing System: This is the new section where we provide dedicated 1-1 support for our customers for product purchases. You can access this section via Client Area -> Support. Client Area link is available in the menu or via the profile dropdown at the top right hand corner of the pages

As a part of the migration, we have also done massive member account maintenance. We identified user accounts who have not purchased any products and who have just registered and not visited us often too. (say once or twice in 3 to 4 years). These accounts have been pruned now. You can also expect few links not to work properly in forums and articles. While we will be looking into each article and forum post checking and correcting this, we request our customers to notify us whenever they find any wrong link or issue in the site.

We hope you are happy with the changes done and we can hopefully start releasing new versions of our products, which are in pipeline soon.