New Exciting Features in JV-HelpDesk 2.1

We are super happy to announce the release of JV-HelpDesk 2.1 version today to all our customers. Version 2.1 comes up with some exciting new features like the ability to re-assign tickets in front-end, setup rules to auto assign tickets to staff member (in Business Edition), include multiple user groups for staff (in Business edition), quick ticket view widget, menu bar etc…

  1. You can now have multiple Joomla user groups for staff. This means that you can define specific user groups for categories or departments, and have tickets of those departments handled by members in that group.
  2. Auto Assign Tickets: This is one the biggest features in 2.1 version. You can now define ticket assignment rules in back-end. Each rule consist of one or more filters and an assignment decision. You can define multiple filters (or criteria) and select an assignment decision as required. You can filter tickets by title, title, customer, category and tag! You can decide to assign a ticket that satisfies the filters randomly to a staff member in a chosen group, or to the least work loaded staff in a chosen group or directly to a specific staff member.
  3. Re-assign Tickets: If you are the currently assigned staff member for a ticket, you now have the option to move or re-assign the ticket to some other staff member! from the view ticket screen in front-end.
  4. If you are a staff member, you can now change ticket priority, status and type via ajax in view ticket screen quickly with 1-click! in site front-end.
  5. As admin you can now filter and see the tickets based on a staff member!
  6. We have introduced a new navigation menu bar at the top of the HelpDesk pages to make it easy for you to navigate across various functions.
  7. We have introduced a ‘Ticket Quick View’ widget in the home page of the HelpDesk system with which the ticket owner or the staff member can quickly enter the Ticket ID and go to the ticket view screen!.

For the full list of changes including improvements and bugs fixes, please read version 2.1 Release notes. We have also added new documentation articles with examples of using JV-HelpDesk automatic ticket assignment feature with videos! Check them out @ our Knowledge Base.

Existing customers of personal and business editions would be receiving emails notifying them of this new update with links to download the new version. If you wish to purchase JV-HelpDesk Business Edition, then you may please purchase it now from JV-HelpDesk Product Page. We are also offering a 10% discount on purchases till end of September. Please use the coupon code “D96C7ZFjLMe” (without quotes) during checkout to avail the discount!