New Google+ Page and Community for JV-Extensions

We are super excited to launch our official Google+ page and a community for our customers. The Google+ page will henceforth be the place where we plan to share latest events, links to blog posts, latest news, releases, interesting features, special offers and discounts periodically. We request all our customers to follow us on our Google+ page and get to know the updates instantly.

We have also created a new community in Google+ called “JV-Extensions Support” where we plan to provide advice on usage, unleash the hidden tricks, share tips, provide basic support for JV-LinkExchanger and answer questions about all our products. All our customers are requested to share all feature requests for all our products in this community under the “Feature Requests” category.

We are also starting the development of JV-LinkDirectory 5.5 and we are inviting feature requests from our customers on what they would like to see in this version. Please do post them in the community. We do have a roadmap for it, which we will periodically start sharing in the community and Google+ pages.

Links to Google+: