New module to show related articles in JV-Relatives


We are glad to incorporate one of the most sought after feature requests for JV-Relatives today – A module to display related articles. A new module has been created which when published will display related articles just like how the JV-Relatives plugin does. You can place this Joomla! module in any of the module positions. The module will show related articles only in article view pages.

So now you have 2 different ways to show related articles – Via a plugin whose output is integrated with the article and a module whose output can be placed anywhere on the page. Note that you need to use one of these as using both will duplicate the related articles output in the page.

Plugin Output:



Module Output:


This feature has been added in JV-Relatives version 4.7 for Joomla! 2.5.x and JV-Relatives version 5.2 for Joomla! 3.x released on 14th January 2014. Few other minor features that have been introduced in these new versions include:

  1. Option to open articles on tags in new/existing window
  2. Option to store html code for social icons from anywhere. With this feature, you can add any html/javascript code to show social icons. Though we recommend as the source from where you can pick this code, you are free to add code provided by any social media network.

We have also enhanced the installation and un-installation process for JV-Relatives on Joomla 3.x. When you install the component, it will automatically install the plugin and the module as well!This version also has a few bug fixes covered. We recommend you upgrade to this version and make use of the newer features.