We are glad to inform the release of our first windows and web based utility software named "JV-RankUpdater" for JV-LinkDirectory community. This utility is used to update google page ranks in JV-LD tables in your JV-LD tables in your websites.

As everyone is aware, page rank (PR) is a Google proprietary metric that indicates the quality of a website. Though there is wide spread notion that, PR has lots it's importance over a period of time, it still is being used by many websites, advertisers and publishers for various purposes.

JV-LD introduced the capability to fetch and display PR for websites that are listed in its directory from one of its earlier versions. But due to the proprietary nature of this metric and dependency on Google, the feature does not work always for everyone. Possible reasons are blacklisting by Google, forbidden error by Google, IP addresses used by the website etc...

We have made yet another attempt at refining this feature to get it working for everyone. JV-RankUpdater is windows based utility that will run on your desktop, fetch PR for urls listed in a text file (fed as input to it), and will automatically update PR in your JV-LD tables in your website database.

JV-RankUpdater has 2 parts:

Quick FAQ



Is this software free for everyone?

JV-RankUpdater is NOT free and is commercially licensed

Is this software free for those who use JV-LD or for those who have a valid license of JV-LD or for those who still have access to downloads area at jv-extensions.com?

This software is an add on for all JV-LD customers, and is not free. The software has been written from scratch, as a utility tool to help our JV-LD customers in updating page ranks on their websites. Considerable effort has been spent in creating this software and has been decided to charge a fee to offset the development cost.

How much does this software cost?

JV-RankUpdater costs USD 20 per license

If I purchase JV-RankUpdater, can i use it on all my websites and PCs?

Yes. You can use JV-RankUpdater web server component on all your websites. At any point of time, you can install JV-RankUpdater desktop component, only on one desktop. (It is not really be required to run desktop component on more than 1 desktop :))

What does this software exactly do?

JV-RankUpdater uses its two components - desktop component and web server component to update PR values for list of selected URLs in your JV-LD tables.

Do you offer support for this software?

Certainly yes. We will certainly investigate problems that are reported, but we cannot guarantee that, all issues can be solved, due to dependencies on other components, which are not in our control.

Is there a refund policy for this software?

Yes. We do provide a 3 day refund policy, in the following cases:





What are the restrictions in using this software?


Can anyone buy this software?

No. This software is specially written for JV-LD customers only and not anyone else. Only those customers who have access to downloads area at www.jv-extensions.com for JV-LinkDirectory product, can purchase this software

What is the upgrade policy for this software?

By purchasing this software, you become eligible to get all future upgrades and updates for free, till the lifetime of this software, for all versions, as long as you hold an active JV-LD subscription or have purchased lifetime option for JV-LD. All upgrades and updates packages will be sent to you by email ,which you used during purchasing this software.

How to buy this software?

First please ensure that, you have access to downloads area at jv-extensions.com for JV-LinkDirectory product. If yes, then you may continue to purchase this software.

Please use the Buy now link below to purchase this software. You will be taken to Plimus, where you will complete the payment.

The order will be processed and instructions to download the product will be sent to your email address.



Buy JV-RankUpdater now at Secured Site at Plimus




I have access to JV-LD downloads area at jv-extensions.com and I purchased JV-RankUpdater. Subsequently i cancelled the JV-LD subscription. Can I still use JV-RankUpdater?

JV-RankUpdater can be used as long as your JV-LD subscription is active or if you have purchased a lifetime option for JV-LD

What is the disclaimer?

We provide JV-RankUpdater to JV-LD customers with the sole intention of updating PR values for their links in their JV-LD databases. JV-Extensions does not guarantee that, the software will work for all urls all the time. JV-Extensions cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this software or for mass/batch querying of any type. Please use this software at your own risk.







Buy JV-RankUpdater now at Secured Site at Plimus