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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – New Tool bar to Search and Filter listings in Category pages

Category pages are those directory pages which are displayed when you click on a category to view the listings in it. When fully configured, typically you find listings, a google map and related listings in that page. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 version, we are introducing a new tool bar with which you...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Update – Save with Free 2CO Plugin and Merged Styles

With JV-LinkDirectory 5.12, we are getting away with Styles – modern, software and default!. The features of these styles are now merged into one global layout. With this change, you dont need to purchase additional styles anymore!. Similarly we are also embedding the 2Checkout Payment Gateway...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Update – Fresh and Re-designed Search Page for JV-LinkDirectory

Search interface in the front-end for directory has been one of the constant subjects of feedback from our customers. In JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 we decided on work on it, and have come up with a very intuitive, easy to use Search design interface....
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Beta Release

JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 is a feature and customer usability release for JV-LinkDirectory. It contains many new features, along with several bug fixes and minor changes. Visit our blog for more details. Beta release can be downloaded only by those who have signed up for beta testing @ https://www....
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Update – Styles replaced with Global Layout

In a major change, we are getting away with multiple styles concept and implementation in JV-LinkDirectory from version 5.12. We will no more have multiple styles like default, modern and software. Instead we are replacing all of them with one single and global “Layout”, which will rende...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Back Link Check as an option in Link Plan!

In JV-LinkDirectory, there are 2 types of listings that can be added viz. One way links and Two way links. Two way links are those which have a back link from the partner’s site to your site. They are also called reciprocal links. Such links can be added to your directory only after the submit...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – Simplifying Usage of Advertisements in your Directory!

As you already aware, JV-LinkDirectory provides “Advertisements”, a revenue making feature by which you can add advertisements or banners or any HTML/non-HTML content in pre-defined slots in your directory. Till date, to achieve this you had to create advertisement specification ( adspec...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 – More Extra Fields for your Directory!

JV-LinkDirectory provides a way for administrator and site visitors to add specific data for their listings via “Extra Fields” or “Custom Fields”. Till date you could create fields like Checkbox, Address Location, Country, Date, Dropdown, Editor, Email, Facebook URL, Google P...
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Calling volunteers for JV-LinkDirectory 5.12 Beta Testing

We are nearing the completion of version 5.12 alpha phase of JV-LinkDirectory, the powerful directory extension for Joomla. Improving the ease of use for customers and administrators will continue to be the main theme of this version release. We have also entered into partnership with other prominen...
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JV-HelpDesk 1.1 – Joomla HelpDesk and Support Ticket System Released

Version 1.1 is a feature and bug fix version. It introduces very powerful features for anyone providing customer support via ticketing system. JV-HelpDesk is a simple and professional HelpDesk and support ticket extension suite for Joomla! With JV-HelpDesk, you can provide a highly efficient and pro...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Beta-2 Release and Preview of Additional Features

Here I am back again to share some more exciting news about JV-LinkDirectory 5.11. Thanks to the continued effort from our beta testers, we could successfully fix all the beta bugs and will be releasing JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Beta-2 tomorrow (October 11th 2017). In addition to fixing the reported bug...
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Beta Release Announcement and Sneak Preview of Features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.11

We are pleased to announce the release of first BETA version of JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 to our customers today. As explained in the other blog post, those who have volunteered for beta testing can download the beta version now and get started. Though usually our beta versions are stable enough, we sti...
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Calling volunteers for JV-LinkDirectory 5.11 Beta Testing

JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a powerful feature rich, SEO optimized, responsive Joomla Directory extension with which you can build directory of website or non-website based listings of all types like Link Directory, Real Estate Directory, Software Downloads Directory, Link Exchange Direc...
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New Joomla Helpdesk and Support Ticketing Extension – JV-HelpDesk 1.0

We are extremely happy to release the first version 1.0 of JV-HelpDesk.  JV-HelpDesk is a simple and professional HelpDesk and support ticket extension suite for Joomla!. With JV-HelpDesk, you can provide a highly efficient and professional 1-on-1 dedicated ticket support to your customers. Dee...
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Foreign Language Files for JV-LinkExchanger

We have been experimenting with different approaches for providing language translations for our products. After a long search, we have finally zeroed in on providing machine translation files for our extensions. As a first step, we have released the machine translated language files for JV-LinkExch...
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JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 Released

JV-LinkDirectory 5.10 is a feature release for JV-LinkDirectory. It contains many new features, along with several bug fixes and minor changes. View the Release Information to know the changes. Joomla Version Joomla 3.4+ Release Maturity Beta Release Notes New Features: New “Phone Number&#8221...
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