Shared Web Hosting Recommendation For JV-LinkDirectory

Planning to host a comprehensive directory based website with JV-LinkDirectory? Or is your directory growing fast enough? Page loading speed, memory availability, disk space availability and satisfying the minimum requirements that enable JV-LD to function are very crucial in achieving this. Here are some of our recommendations, to you to ensure you get these with the best hosting at reasonable rates.

What are the common issues in scaling up?

We find that, some hosting providers do not enable CURL or PHP 5, which is a mandatory requirement for JV-LD to work. We have seen some providers disabling GD2 too. So it is important that you choose a hosting provider who provides these support by default.

JV-LD can run on all providers who support running Joomla, but as your directory size increases with more links and entries, it is important that your hosting infrastructure supports its expansion in terms of memory, CPU and disk space. Most of the shared hosting accounts are restricted with very little CPU and memory usage, which often become a bottleneck, when your directory size increases.

What is our recommendation?

Towards the end of 2011, we did a small exercise to identify the best possible shared host for running JV-LinkDirectory – A host that provides ample resources at cheap rates, with good amount of memory and CPU for your websites to run on. After doing a comprehensive test, we narrowed down to PacificHost.

Why do we recommend PacificHost?

1. At the time of writing this blog post, PacificHost is one of the fewer hosting companies which provide the following configuration:

* PHP version: 5.2.17
* MySQL Version: 5.1.56
* max_execution_time: 30
* memory_limit: 999M
* register_globals: off
* safe_mode: off
* upload_max_filesize: 999M
* allow_url_fopen: on
* CURL: enabled
* GD: enabled

This hosting configuration satisfies all the minimum configuration for JV-LD and is in-fact good enough to host reasonably high volume directory websites based on JV-LD.

Some of the significant hosting features provided by PacificHost are:
* UNLIMITED Disk Space and Bandwidth
* Fast, Easy to Use Control Panel (View Demo)
* No Contract with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
* 24x7x365 USA Based Support
* 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
* Free Daily Backups utilizing R1soft
* BBB Accredited Hosting
* FREE Domain Name

We did not want to go by their website and hence requested them for a test account where we could install our products and see for ourselves. PacificHost was generous enough to provide one (Basic Shared Web Hosting) for JV-Extensions and we installed latest version of Joomla and all our extensions on it. We also loaded JV-LD with a 500+ websites and we were glad to see our extensions performing very well.

We strongly recommend PacificHost for all your shared web hosting needs, especially for JV-LinkDirectory.

Do we use PacificHost?

Yes. We have our test websites on all versions of Joomla are installed on a Basic Shared Web hosting account at PacificHost.

Partnership with PacificHost:

Being impressed with their hosting performance and support, we decided to enter into a partnership with PacificHost, so that we can pass on the benefits to our customers.

  • As a JV-LD customer, you can enjoy a 25% discount on all hosting services with the exception of hybrid and dedicated hosting at PacificHost. If you are a JV-LD customer, or purchased any of our products, please contact us to get the coupon code.

We are happy to share this finding and recommendation to our customers. We hope to get more feedback from you as you use PacificHost. Looking forward to hearing from you…