Update – In the making of JV-LinkExchanger 2.0

JV-LinkExchanger (JV-LE or formerly known as JV-LinkExchanger Basic Edition), the completely free and GPL product is currently being rewritten by us, for Joomla! 1.5 native mode. In the process of doing this, we are making a few changes to the layouts and features as well. Only a couple of new features will be added though.

Some of the changes that we are making to the existing ones are,
– Making the layout more professional, with ability to introduce easy customizations for end users with css
– Retaining only the 2 column layout for directory categories
– Single column layout for featured links
– Link exchange check algorithm will be advanced

and more…(more will be updated in this blog post in the coming days)

Objective will be to make it simple and easy for people to use JV-LE to do link and banner exchanges with other users.

The final release will be 2.0 of JV-LE and will be ready by the third week of November ’09 and will continue to remain free in cost and freedom!

Updated on Nov-10 ’09:

  • JV-LE 2.0 will have AJAX implementation for rating of links!

Updated on Nov-11 ’09:

  • Approval and rejections for link exchange requests can be given via email itself by site admin!

Updated on Nov-12 ’09:

  • JV-LE 2.0 will have a new fresh look for frontend!
  • PHP 5 will be a minimum requirement for JV-LE 2.0 to function

Updated on Nov-13 ’09:

  • JV-LE 2.0 will be able to generate SEF URLs on its own. It will use Joomla’s API to generate SEF URL for its pages! This means that, you will not need any SEF URL component for JV-LE…

Updated on Nov-14 ’09:

  • JV-LE 2.0 will have a directory title and slogan, which can be configured at backend

The development has been completed and we are already in the testing phase of JV-LE 2.0. If you want to help us or try out our pre-release package, then please reply to this thread!

Updated on Nov-15 ’09:

  • JV-LE 2.0 is ready for final testing. To enable our users to catch a glimpse of what is in store in JV-LE 2.0, we have installed it in our demo website as well. You may now play with JV-LE 2.0 in our demo site

We plan to go live with JV-LE 2.0 latest by Nov-18th 2009

Updated on Nov-18 ’09

JV-LE 2.0 has been released today