Update your Joomla website with JV-Relatives 5.9!

We are happy to release JV-Relatives 5.9 version to the Joomla community today. The new version has display and styling customization for tags that are displayed in the articles in site front-end, along with a few critical bug fixes.

You can now choose the background color of the tags display block, background color of each tag, text color of the “Tags” or “Keywords” heading, and text color of the tag itself. You can also set the backgrounds to be transparent if you need!

If you are using tags (instead of meta keywords) as the keyword source, then you can also now decide to link the tags to the respective tag pages.

Existing customers would have received this update by email with the download link to JV-Relatives 5.9 version. New customers and existing customers who wish to renew can purchase JV-Relatives for your website this Christmas. Do reach out to us for discounts/ongoing offers!