Use JV-ContentLinks and JV-Relatives to improve internal linking

There are numerous benefits of internal linking that JV-ContentLinks (JV-CL) and JV-Relatives (JV-REL) provide independently. This is one in the series of threads aimed at using the power of both these extensions to improve SEO through enhanced link building and quality internal linking.

We assume that you use both JV-CL and JV-REL. Objective is to link keyword meta tags of articles (using JV-REL) with other articles in the website (using JV-CL).

  • JV-REL provides keyword meta tagging display option. Enable this option in JV-REL plugin configuration first.
  • In JV-REL, set “Link each tag to Joomla search results” to No

Doing the above will ensure that, JV-REL will display all the meta tags or keywords configured for the article, when the article is viewed in front end.

Now do the following in JV-CL:

  • Go to JV-CL keyword links screen in admin back end and add the article keywords one by one
  • Provide links as desired – preferably linking to other internal pages of your website. These articles will likely be listed in the related articles section already!, but thats fine. Linking again will give huge SEO benefits, because we are using the keyword itself as the anchor text, which is good for SEO.

Now go to plugin screen and rearrange the order of invokation such that, JV-REL is set to be invoked earlier than JV-CL.

Thats it!. Now refresh the article in front end and you will see that the keyword tags in the article that are displayed by JV-REL are now linking to pages, that you have defined in JV-CL