Vision for JV-LinkDirectory 4.5

With JV-LinkDirectory 4.4 released a month back, we are gearing up for the features to be added in the next version of JV-LD. We already have a big list of features to be added, but we would like to know from our customers as well.

We have created a new thread for these discussions at, and we welcome all customers to participate in this discussion.

Focus will be on directory monetization and extensibility in JV-LD 4.5. Our objective for 4.5 release will be:

  • Give our JV-LD customers more ways to make money using the directory
  • Make JV-LD more extensible, so that external plugins can be created and invoked, this extending the functionality of JV-LD to no bounds. An example of this would be a gallery or video or media plugin that can attach itself to the link detail page etc…

We do not guarantee that, all requested features will be incorporated, but we will certainly investigate them and based on the feasibility and availability of time, we will implement them or take them up for future versions.

Please feel free to participate in the discussions, and let us know what you want in your directory!