Ways to write better articles and improve article readership

Article Readership is an art of making the articles more and more attractive, usable and reader-friendly. This leads to more and more visitors reading your articles, and also results in increase of repeated visitors to your website. An article well written and articulated, makes your visitors read more and more articles on your websites, a well.

As the article readership increases, the traffic to your website also increases. There are very good chances of your visitors bookmarking such articles and sharing your website URL with their friends! With good articles, visitors often leave their comments, resulting in increased participation. Thus a good article initially turns a visitor into a vivid reader and eventually can engage them in conversations and thus get them to participate too

Search engines love articles. They index your articles and you get noticed faster. If keywords are used properly and optimally, then it is only a matter of a few hours that your article comes up at the top of the search engine results for your keywords. Hence, it becomes a glaring necessity today to illuminate the writing skills and make the entire article catchy and empathetic.

There are several ways of improving the concept of article readership. Some of them are explained below:

1. Professional Touch
: The reverberating yet stimulating way of enhancing the article readership is by making the article look like an article, instead of giving it a touch of personal flavor. This would ensure that the article is not meant for a selective group of people and would invite and serve a large reader base.

2. Present Facts: Furthermore, the perception of the article topic should be a must while penning down the thoughts or facts in an article. It emphasizes more on the background of the topic, making it more reader-friendly and bonafide.

3. Grab instant attention: To begin an article with a quote is considered to be the most viable and preferred option as it holds the attention of the reader there and then and forces his senses to get stick to the article, without diverting his attention. This is one of the best ways of improving the article readership.

4. Story Linking: Typically, the article’s first paragraph should be the most emphasized one, as it is the base of the entire article. It leads the reader ahead and therefore the first paragraph must be the strongest and must incorporate a rich content. However, in order to improve the article readership, it becomes pertinent to link every upcoming paragraph with the previous one. Also, one must not forget that he is only trying to communicate and not impress the readers as every individual is not impressed by the same thing and people differ in their thoughts.

5. Engage in conversation: Article must be informative in order to enhance the theme of article readership. One must write in a conversational style and must simultaneously be creative while penning down the article.

6. Prudent words selection: The technique of improving the article readership is by way of using effective and catchy words in order to put a lasting impact on the readers. However, these attractive words must not restrict the flow of reading.

7. Images and Relevant Links: As always, a picture speaks a thousand words and is the easiest and fastest way to understand things. Hence it is very important that you use relevant images in the article, which corroborate the ideas presented. It also improves the overall article layout. And in the SEO perspective, do not forget to add the “alt” attribute to your image tags in your articles!

8. More Articles and Related Articles: Displaying a list of related article titles, to that of the displayed article at the bottom of the article, is a very powerful way to get the visitor to read more articles in your website. This is also a proven way to improve internal linking in your website and provides very good SEO benefits too!

9. Social Bookmarking Links: Social bookmarking links like Stumbleupon, Google, Digg, Technorati, Furl etc… are very powerful social bookmarking tools for article promotion. If the information and idea presented in the article is unique or interesting to the user, then the social bookmarking links can prompt the user to bookmark and share them with others.