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JV-HelpDesk 2.1 Release Notes

2018-09-08 01:38 PM By Deepa


  1. Multiple user groups for staff so that tickets can be handled by different groups or departments. - Only in Pro edition
  2. Automatically assign tickets to staff members using 'Assignment Rules' - Only in Pro edition
  3. Staff assigned to the ticket can now move or reassign the ticket to another staff.
  4. Staff members can change ticket priority via ajax in view ticket screen quickly with 1-click!
  5. Staff members can change ticket type via ajax in view ticket screen quickly with 1-click!. - Only in Pro edition
  6. Ticket quick view widget button in Help Desk home page to provide ticket ID and go to the ticket details page directly and quickly.
  7. Menu navigation bar in all front-end pages to help users navigate across functions quickly.
  8. Admin can now filter and view tickets by staff members in back-end Tickets screen.


  1. Show rating for tickets in back-end tickets screen. - Only in Pro edition
  2. If a ticket is already assigned to a staff member, then only the ticket owner and that assigned to staff member can view, edit, close, delete, and change priority, status and type of that ticket. If the ticket is not assigned to a staff member, then the ticket owner and any staff member can perform those operations.
  3. An un-assigned ticket will not be automatically assigned to the staff when they change status of the ticket. The staff must specifically use 'Assign Ticket to me' button or post a reply to the ticket to assign that ticket to himself/herself.
  4. News feed from JV-Extensions in back-end dashboard is loaded using ajax to prevent it from blocking loading of page.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Issue with SEF URL in certain cases in frontend
  2. Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in default/tmpl/tmpl_searchresults.php on line 24
  3. Undefined property: JvhelpdeskViewSearch::$ticket in search/view.html.php on line 50
  4. Authorization errors fixed.