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JV-HelpDesk 2.5.1 Release Notes

2020-05-30 01:50 PM By Deepa

JV-HelpDesk 2.5.1 is a maintenance and bug fix release. By default, all changes were introduced for Pro version unless it is specifically called out for Free version below.


  • JV-HelpDesk and JV-HelpDesk Pro will now be compatible with MySQL 5.5 or above versions. It used to be MySQL 5.6.5 or above versions before this release.
  • Admin can now configure to whom tickets can be assigned to from front-end. There are 2 options available - 1) Assign to any staff member in any staff. group 2) Assign to staff members of the same staff group as the assigned to member of the ticket.
  • Added Portugese translation file (thanks to manual translation by Bejinha).
  • Added new email notification that will be sent to the staff member when a ticket is auto-assigned to him/her.
  • Performance improvements.

Bugs Fixed:

  • SQL truncation error while purging data during migration.
  • Sidebar menu is not appearing in custom fields and categories pages in back-end.
  • Fatal error when a ticket is edited and staff member is assigned to or changed in back-end.
  • Empty message displayed in view ticket screen at the top above tabs.
  • Issue in Russian translation.
  • Unable to copy content from locker.
  • Error during post-installation.