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JV-HelpDesk 2.5 Beta Announcement

2020-01-11 03:58 PM By Deepa

We are super excited to share news about the upcoming beta testing phase of JV-HelpDesk Pro 2.5. The new version will come with some exciting new features for running Help Desk. While we will be writing in detail about some of the new features in the coming days, here is a quick sneak preview of those features:

  1. Make a Quick Reply in tickets - This is pretty useful if you wish to quickly provide a response in a ticket especially if you do not need to add images or links or confidential information or formatted text. You can do a "Quick reply" in the same page as the ticket without the need to reply from a new reply form page!
  2. Locker - It is an option using which customers can store sensitive information in a safe locker, and choose to share locker contents to specific staff members for issue debugging. This saves time in providing sensitive information and also provides a safer way to share confidential  information.
  3. New Email templates for all emails sent by Help Desk which can be customized.
  4. Email Format: Option to send emails in HTML or Plain text formats.
  5. Multi-Lingual support - Support for FALANG extension for multi-lingual Joomla websites.
  6. Flag tickets - Admins and Staff members will be able to flag tickets for themselves. This is often useful if you wish to mark certain tickets for future reference or for some other reason.
  7. Global message across Help Desk - Define and display a message that will be shown across the entire Help Desk system and pages. This is often useful for making announcements to your customers.
  8. Event notification - Get a non-obtrusive window notification on the screen whenever someone replies to a ticket or when a new ticket is created.
  9. Create ticket on-behalf of customers in site front-end - Staff or admin can now select user/customer when he creates a ticket via front-end.
  10. You can now limit maximum number of tickets that can be opened by a user in a given category! 
  11. Filter by Rating - You can now use filters in back-end tickets screen to filter and view tickets by ranges of ratings.
  12. You can now insert YouTube Videos in editor in your ticket or replies.

Beta testing and first beta version of 2.5 Pro version will be released on 22nd January. Beta testing is only open to existing users of JV-HelpDesk Pro and those who have a valid subscription/purchase of the product. Those who participate in beta testing and provide feedback will get a 10% discount coupon code which you can use for renewal or purchase of other products at jv-extensions.com in the future.

Latest Update: We are starting beta testing tomorrow (23rd Jan). If you wish to participate in beta testing, then please provide your willingness as a comment in this blog post. We will add you to our beta testing group, and will notify you when the release is ready.