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JV-HelpDesk Pro v2.4 - Upcoming New Features and Call for beta volunteers

2019-08-06 06:02 PM By Deepa

In the last couple of blog posts, we covered 3 major features (Files Download, Confidential Replies and Group Tickets) that will be introduced in version 2.4 of JV-HelpDesk Pro. In addition to them we are also introducing small but very useful features which we are describing in this post. Read on to know more...

Decide Priority Selection by Users

In 2.4, we are introducing a new feature by which the administrator can configure specific Joomla user groups who can select a particular priority for a ticket. For example, if you have High, Medium and Low as 3 priorities, then you can now configure user groups that can select High priority or similarly separate user groups if required who can select Medium and Low priority. This is especially useful when you dont want to have anyone select certain priorities like Critical, possibly when you want certain sections of customers to only select Critical or High priority for a ticket.

Category Specific Ticket Notification to Staff

The feature to notify staff members when a new ticket is created already exists. In v2.4 we are introducing a feature by which administrator can provide specific email addresses to a category which will be notified by email whenever a new ticket is created in that category. In such a case the default notification will not be sent to other staff members. This is useful when you have category specific staff members who would be owning the tickets in that category.

Category specific Ticket Visibility 

By default, the visibility of Public or Private or Group for a ticket is associated with the ticket itself. In v2.4, we are introducing a new feature such that, you can decide to allow Public, Private and Group visibility at category level. This means that you can allow categories to decide what kind of tickets that can be created - Private or Public or Group, by configuring the categories accordingly. For example, you can configure a category to allow only Public tickets, while you can configure another category to allow Public and Private etc...This is useful when you want to create open discussion forums for certain categories like Pre-Sales, and make advanced technical support Private as an example.

Other Features 

​Other new features being introduced in v2.4 include:

  1. Option to enable or disable Tags in tickets.
  2. Option to send email notifications or decide to disable email sending feature across the help desk system.
  3. Show number of open, pending, and other status ticket count in back-end dashboard (except for Closed status) as graphs
  4. Show Full path with category name while choosing a category in new ticket form

We hope you like the new upcoming features. Do comment and let us know your feedback.​

Call for Beta Volunteers 

As there are lots of changes in v2.4 we are looking at volunteers to help us with beta testing for the same. We plan to start the beta testing by 9th August and we are calling existing customers to volunteer and help us with testing the beta version. We will reward beta testers who help us with bugs and feedback by issuing a 20% coupon that you can use for your next product purchase or renewal at JV-Extensions.com.

Those who wish to participate in beta testing, please write a comment in this blog post indicating your willingness to participate in beta testing. Only those who have active subscriptions of JV-HelpDesk Pro can participate in the beta testing. Others can purchase JV-HelpDesk Pro and enroll into beta testing. We will reply back to you after adding you to the beta group. We will also announce to all about the beta testing downloads and release once they are ready!