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JV-LinkDirectory 5.13.1 Release Notes

2019-01-07 03:05 PM By Deepa

JV-LinkDirectory 5.13.1 is a maintenance, improvements and bug fix release.


  1. New tool tip option for extra fields that will be used for displaying hints to user when extra fields are displayed in frontend.
  2. Ability to contact support team at jv-extensions.com and browse documentation articles from with in JV-LD backend.
  1. Improved Twitter posting integration as per the latest Twitter posting policies and library.
  2. Option for admin to decide if RSS feed should be validated or not while saving a listing.
  3. RSS feed url field need not be shown anymore for feed content to appear.
  4. Ability to search listings by partner title in backend.
  5. Convert urls to hyperlinks automatically in files description.
  6. Option to sort search results in front-end by alpha or published date.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Cannot iterate on getAuthorisedGroups with count() option as it removes duplicates and loses indices.
  2. Map is not properly centered in category pages and map module.
  3. Bug in href rel=nofollow in frontend.
  4. File uploading times out in backend when file size is too big (in 100+ MB).
  5. Information window does not show content when automatically set to show on page load in google map in detail page.
  6. SQL syntax error near ' showvalue_catpage) or find_in_set(2, showvalue_catpage)) and (cats = 0 or find_' at line 1.
  7. Fixed mis-alignment issues with Twitter Bootstrap 3.x.
  8. Notes functionality in listings backend does not support accented characters