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JV-LinkManager - New Extension for Joomla 4 Launched

2022-02-18 12:55 AM By Deepa

We are super excited to launch the next new Free extension for Joomla 4! today. The extension is called "JV-LinkManager", and it enables you to manage all your links in Joomla backend without the need to edit articles and modules to add them on anchors and keywords. 

JV-LinkManager for Joomla 4 is a Free Joomla extension that lets you manage keywords via backend, associate links with the keywords, and dynamically hyperlink those keywords in the site frontend during page loads!. JV-LinkManager will automatically link keywords to their urls and manage Joomla Links, all from one central place! JV-LinkManager can do this magic in Joomla articles, modules, templates, plugins and all 3rd party Joomla extension content.

JV-LinkManager lets you link keywords to internal and external URLs starting with http or https, and also to internal menu items. It can also suggest relevant links from your own website for keywords that you add via backend, thus providing you with an ability link to those embedded articles or content. You can deep link to old but valuable articles and pages on your Joomla website, and thus enable search engines to follow and index them with greater value. JV-LinkManager is a must have for managing SEO for Joomla website, and a productivity tool saving hours of time in managing keywords and links, especially if you have a website with lot of content.

JV-LinkManager goes one step more by allowing you to set expiry dates for links on keywords. The hyperlinks created will be removed on the date of link expiration!

Please read more about the product and the features @ the JV-LinkManager Product Detail Page.