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JV-Relatives version 6 for Joomla 4

2022-03-05 08:42 PM By Deepa

JV-Relatives is ready for Joomla 4

We are excited to announce the launch of JV-Relatives for Joomla 4 today. It is a complete re-write of the extension from Joomla 3. Read on to know features that have changed, got added and removed in version 6.0.0 for Joomla 4. JV-Relatives is a Free Joomla extension for showing related articles or related items in Joomla. With JV-Relatives, you can show article keywords and let users share article via social bookmarking buttons. 
We have made version 6 a lot lighter by getting away with the component. We have redesigned it to be a light weight plugin with following features:
  • Display related articles anywhere in article by using {jvrelatives} tag, or in pre-defined positions like top left or beneath the article content.
  • Show thumbnail preview of images in related articles list.
  • Decide in which categories you want to show related articles.
  • Configure categories to scan for related items.
  • Choose between meta keywords and tags to use for related items scanning.
  • Automatic caching of thumbnail previews
  • A comprehensive caching feature for related items
  • Bootstrap 5 based responsive layouts
  • Show tags or keywords in the article in bootstrap style
  • Show social media follow and share buttons in the article.

and more… For more features and details, and download the latest version please visit the JV-Relatives Product Detail Page.
Version 6 will only work with Joomla articles, and not with K2, Cobalt or EasyBlog. End of page slide out feature is no longer available in version 6. The related articles display is only via plugin. No module is provided. If there are no meta keywords, then no related articles will be displayed. So it requires Joomla articles to have meta keywords configured for them. If you need any of these features or any thing specific for your website, then you may please request for custom paid  development work and we can do that for your website.
Hope you like the new JV-Relatives version 6 for Joomla 4. 
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