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JV-Thumbalizr - New Extension for Joomla 4 Launched

2021-10-10 08:59 AM By Deepa

We are super excited to launch another new Free extension for Joomla 4! today. The extension is called "JV-Thumbalizr", and it is a website screenshot display extension exclusively available for Joomla 4 version. 

JV-Thumbalizr is a Joomla extension which can dynamically display thumbnail previews of urls anywhere in Joomla!. With JV-Thumbalizr, you can improve search accuracy, filter offensive websites, discover ambiguous and parked websites. JV-Thumbalizr integrates with Thumbalizr.com for fetching and displaying thumbnail previews.

Thumbalizr (http://www.thumbalizr.com/) is a web service to easily embed live screenshots of any URL in your website.

Add {sitepreview url="myurl"} anywhere in your Joomla content, and see them magically transform into a screenshot image of myurl on your Joomla page! This works with all 3rd party Joomla extensions too! Previews captured are cached locally speeding up page loads. JV-Thumbalizr works with free and premium plans at Thumbalizr.com.

Please read more about the product and the features @ the JV-Thumbalizr Product Detail Page