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JV-MathCaptcha 2.0.3 Released

2022-02-19 06:26 PM By Deepa - Comment(s)
JV-MathCaptcha 2.0.3 Released

This is a very short blog post to announce the 2.0.3 version release of JV-MathCaptcha for Joomla 4 today. It is a maintenance release and has update sites urls updated in it. It is also compatible with Joomla 4.1.0 and PHP 8.

You cannot upgrade to this version from your Joomla website using the auto...

JV-LinkDirectory 5.16.1 Release Notes

2021-06-05 06:10 AM By Deepa - Comment(s)

JV-LinkDirectory 5.16.1 is a bug fix and minor enhancement release. This release notes contains information about these changes.


  1. Default Thumbnail Images Enhancement - You don't need to create the individual default images for each page or context type. Just upload 1 large image in Bac...

Features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.16 Beta-3

2021-05-01 05:39 AM By Deepa - Comment(s)

New Design for Featured Listings Block in Directory

In 5.16.beta.3 we have re-designed the vertical marquee where you typically see the scrolling list of featured listings in the directory. We have now changed it to a more modern slider design. As administrator, you can decide the sli...

Features in JV-LinkDirectory 5.16 Beta-2

2021-04-18 05:39 AM By Deepa - Comment(s)

Positionstack - New Geocoding Service Provider Addition 

In 5.16.beta.2 we added a new geocoding service provider to JV-LinkDirectory. Positionstack geocoding was built to offer a free and reliable alternative to expensive Enterprise-grade geocoding software, making use of a series of innovativ...

Announcing JV-LinkDirectory 5.16 Features and Beta Testing

2021-04-14 05:39 AM By Deepa - Comment(s)

We are happy to share with you some exciting news about the upcoming release of JV-LinkDirectory 5.16 and beta testing for the same. 

We are starting the beta testing on April 17th and expect to run it for a couple of weeks. If you are an existing customer of JV-LinkDirectory and&...