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JV-ShrinkTheWeb 3.1 Released

2016-04-24 10:54 PM By Deepa - Comment(s)

jvstw small e0dceToday we have released the official 3.1 version of JV-ShrinkTheWeb to our customers. This is a maintenance release with bug fixes in it. These include fixes for local thumbnails, and log rotations. Customers are requested to upgrade to this version at the earliest. Please visit Release Notes fo...

JV-ShrinkTheWeb 3.0 Released

2016-02-28 02:37 PM By Deepa - Comment(s)

Greetings from JV-Extensions!

We are glad to announce the release of JV-ShrinkTheWeb 3.0 for Joomla 3.x. JV-ShrinkTheWeb (JV-STW) 3.0 is a major feature release for JV-ShrinkTheWeb and comes with exciting new features like Local thumbnails, 'Simple' method that can use a Free STW account to fetch thu...

JV-ShrinkTheWeb 2.0 for Joomla 3.x Released and is FREE!

2013-08-10 09:34 AM By Deepa - Comment(s)

We are excited to introduce Joomla 3.x native compatibility for JV-ShrinkTheWeb, the free and advanced thumbnail preview extension suite for Joomla!.The 2.0 version released today provides this compatibility and will be developed and supported in parallel to the 1.x versions of JV-ShrinkTheWeb.

The v...