JV-LinkExchanger (or JV-LE in short) is a free Joomla reciprocal link exchange extension. JV-LinkExchanger provides the necessary power and infrastructure to help you exchange links with other Joomla and non-Joomla websites. JV-LinkExchanger increases traffic to your website and can also help you generate revenue using featured links and advertisement features.

Significant features of JV-LinkExchanger include:

  • Joomla Link exchange, Joomla banner exchange functions.
  • Reciprocal or back link checks,
  • Add One-way links from backend.
  • SEF URLs.
  • 2-column layout for categories.
  • Admin approvals and rejections, email approvals and rejections.
  • Notifications, reminders, link rating systems, captcha for forms, website thumbnails.
  • Directory monetization, directory search, pagination, scheduled reciprocal link checks.


  • Joomla 3.4+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5.5+
joomla link exchange

JV-LinkExchanger Product Features

Basic Directory Features

  • 2 Levels of hierarchies in categories
  • Unlimited Number of categories in the directory
  • Featured links functionality
  • Completely configurable at backend with links management and categories management
  • Ability to approve or reject link requests at backend or/and by email
  • Ability to provide a specific/generic reason for link request rejection
  • Ability to set maximum number of links in a category

SEF Features

  • Compatible with Joomla Core SEF URLs
  • Has the ability to generate SEF URLs on its own for itself. It does not require any SEF component

Link and Banner Exchange Features

link exchange features

  • Partner initiated link exchanges
  • Self initiated link exchanges
  • Reciprocal link check when link inclusion request is submitted at frontend
  • Is a Joomla link checker with Reciprocal link checks at backend 
  • Change link status after a reciprocal links check for one or more links
  • Schedule and run automatic reciprocal link checks via CRON

Directory Front-End Features

directory frontend

  • Pagination of links in frontend
  • Sorting of links based on various criteria
  • Display latest links in frontend
  • Configurable texts and headings in frontend
  • Configurable summary of text for link directory. This can be used to add text to welcome the user or providing a overview of directory or for similar purposes
  • Ability to submit link exchange requests at frontend
  • Comprehensive configurable CSS file for smoother display of data on frontend
  • Configurable directory title and slogan Ability to prevent submissions to specific categories

Add-On Features

  • Ajax based partner link rating system
  • Monetize using ad placements in directory
  • Partner can check his link status at frontend
  • Display website thumbnail previews for links by fetching thumbnails from Shrinktheweb.com. This requires you to purchase JV-ShrinkTheWeb separately.
  • Display website thumbnail previews for links by fetching thumbnails from Thumboo.com
  • Enables the visitors to search the link directory for specific words or URLs or links
  • Use Joomla CAPTCHA Security for forms in frontend
  • JoomFish Compatible - Enables you to run in multi-lingual sites using JoomFish
  • Ability to track hits for one-way links added from back-end

Link Modules

JV-LinkExchanger provides modules of following types for you to show them in Joomla module positions.

  • Latest Links Module
  • Highly Rated Links Module
  • Random Links Module
  • Featured Links Module