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Beta testing for JV-LinkDirectory 5.9 is in progress now. Enroll in the beta testing, and get 1 month of free subscription to JV-LinkDirectory!

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JV-LinkDirectory Product Description

JV-LinkDirectory (or JV-LD in short) is a powerful feature rich and responsive Joomla Directory extension with which you can host listings of all types. JV-LinkDirectory is a beautifully crafted extension suite that comes with 1 Joomla component, 25+ Joomla modules, and 10+ plugins. The modules allow you to view directory data in different views like popular listings, new listings, activities wall etc..... The plugins provide integration of JV-LinkDirectory with several third party Joomla extensions like Payment gateways, K2, EasyBlog, Twitter etc... JV-LinkDirectory also provides several apps for JomSocial and EasySocial integration.

JV-LinkDirectory provides a rich set of features some of which include a photo gallery, YouTube video gallery, Google maps integration, listing reviews, ratings, likes, unlikes, thumbnails urls for listings, comments integration, Twitter integration, Facebook integration, search engine friendly urls, directory wall of activities, anti-spam, email templates, reward points, multiple profiles per entry, coupons, advertisements, revenue generation options, and more... JV-LinkDirectory can also be customized to suit your website design as it is built on highly and easily customizable styles.

JV-LinkDirectory can be used by anyone - beginners, administrators or users of Joomla to build a directory of urls or url-less entries in your Joomla website. JV-LinkDirectory also provides the most advanced link exchange features with which you can build links for your website by exchanging links with other websites. JV-LinkDirectory helps you improve site rankings, increase traffic to your Joomla website, generate traffic from partners, build links, monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and much more.

JV-LinkDirectory provides several ways for you to earn money from your directory - by charging fees for listings, featured listings, advertisements, and category sponsorships. JV-LinkDirectory also comes with gateway plugins for processing payments for you!



  • Joomla 3.4+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5.5+

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JV-LinkDirectory Product Features

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Comprehensive Directory Features

jv-linkdirectory directory features

  • Create a high configurable and customizable Yahoo style multi-column directory of links
  • Add one-way and two-way reciprocal links
  • Add an entry to one or more categories
  • Create unlimited number and hierarchies of categories
  • One individual detail page for every link/entry
  • Let users link back to deeper pages of your website
  • Check for backlinks or reciprocal links automatically
  • Auto-approve or approve links by email or from site frontend or back-end
  • Optionally charge a fee for one-way links and featured links
  • Track hits to websites
  • Show Alexa and Google page rank for listings
  • Search inside categories and links
  • Provide a directory title and a customized slogan for your directory
  • Multiple directory home page designs - A category layout with 1/2/3/4 columns or featured/random/popular links or recent n links pages.
  • Show number of links in categories in brackets.
  • Add custom images and descriptions for categories.
  • Show all listings of a category in Google map!
  • Let listings have multiple location addresses which can be shown on Google map.
  • Select default link sorting style.
  • Store and show links in multiple languages
  • Prevent spam and unwanted bots by using one of the several advanced anti-spam techniques provided by JV-LinkDirectory - Blacklisting words, Blacklisting IPs, Akismet integration, Joomla captcha integration and Spam score calculation and reference.

Exhaustive User Options

  • Add link or exchange link/banner from site frontend
  • Vote and rate entries
  • Write reviews about entries/lins
  • Like and unlike listings
  • Add links to their favorites list
  • Recommend links to friends
  • Report broken links to admin
  • Check link submission status
  • Claim links in directory
  • Bookmark listings!
  • Manage their links from frontend
  • Suggest new categories.
  • Contact listing owner.
  • Recommend websites to directory admin.

Directory SEO Features

Directory SEO

JV-LinkDirectory provides extraordinary SEO benefits to your website. The product has been very carefully created to ensure that you derive the most number of SEO benefits.

  • Add multiple profiles for a partner link. These profiles can be shown in all or in random for each page refresh of the link.
  • Reciprocal links - Create multiple self profiles for your website and provide each of them to individual partners. This lets different partners to link to different titles and descriptions of your website - Great for SEO!
  • Unique page meta data, description and titles.
  • Advanced SEF URLs for links and categories. You can decide the SEF URLs too!
  • Show articles related to the link in link detail page
  • Show other entries related to the link being displayed
  • Ability to choose rel=nofollow on link level and global level
  • Highlight prominent links of a category by making them "Sticky"
  • RSS feeds for all types of links - recent links, random links, featured links, highly rated links, popular links etc...
  • RSS feeds for category pages.
  • Social bookmarking of links with Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc...
  • Facebook integration for Like, Recommend pages
  • Post to your Twitter account when a new link is added
  • Google +1 widget integration
  • Ability to use Disqus, Facebook, Komento, JLex Review or CComment as the commenting system for your directory links.

New! Microdata integration for listing detail pages.

Social Media Integration

js favlistings f58c6

JV-LinkDirectory integrates with JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder (1.9.x and 2.x) and AlphaUserPoints extensions!

  • Display link owner avatar in link listings
  • Display link owner avatar in link detail pages
  • Send message to link owner
  • Link to view link owner profiles
  • Reward points to members upon multiple directory events 
  • Show activity stream with events from directory in EasySocial, JomSocial and Community Builder.
  • Numerous applications for EasySocial and JomSocial to show directory data in them.

JV-LD provides special integration packs for EasySocial and JomSocial, making it the best of all. These include viewing link details in EasySocial and JomSocial with extra fields, EasySocial and JomSocial apps for listing reviews, EasySocial and JomSocial apps for favorite listings. These apps provide extensive functionality and need to be purchased separately.

Revenue Generation

JV-LD provides ample opportunities for you to make money like setting up and selling one-way paid links, paid featured links, category sponsorship and advertisements in the directory. You can setup one or more purchase plans for each of them. JV-LD provides offline, 2Checkout and PayPal mode of payments and is completely integrated with PayPal instant processing notification (IPN), thus enabling you to collect payments and fulfilling the orders instantly. JV-LD also provides discount coupons, and taxation including VAT integration which can be configured.

Revenue Dashboard - View all your transactions and associated purchase information out of advertisements, featured links, sponsor a category etc... from a centralized revenue manager section in JV-LinkDirectory backend

Directory Coupons

JV-LinkDirectory lets you create coupons for paid services. JV-LinkDirectory also supports processing and receiving payments via PayPal or offline mode of payments. You can create coupon code that can be limited by time or number of impressions. Coupons can also be created for one or more services too.

Link Exchange Connect Service

Link Exchange Connect Service, also called LECS in short, provides you the ability to offer a link exchange service for your site visitors. LECS connects owners of your directory listings with site visitors who are looking for link or banner exchange.

This feature empowers you to provide a value added service to your site visitors, and helps them in building links. In return your reputation is improved, and websites start coming back to your directory looking for more partners for link exchange.

This also does not require you to do any link exchanges with anyone. In-fact if you wish you can even disable two-way links in your directory and still use this feature provided by JV-LinkDirectory

SMS Notifications

Notify via SMS

JV-LinKDirectory can send SMS message to your mobile phone whenever the following events occur:

  • Someone purchases a paid service
  • New link is added and pending approval
  • A link is published.
  • A review is added and pending approval
  • A review is published

JV-LinkDirectory uses the Clickatell Bulk SMS Gateway to send SMS to administrator mobile phone. All that you need is to create a clickatell account, create a HTTP API config and configure the settings along with your phone number to which sms need to be sent in JV-LinkDirectory admin panel.

Directory Advertising

Directory Advertising

  • Create advertisement slots
  • Create advertisements in pre-defined slots in directory
  • Sell advertisement spaces in directory and earn money
  • Use in-built IPN based PayPal integration or INS based 2Checkout integration to collect payments.
  • Track ad impressions
  • Expire ads by date or number of impressions.
  • Ads can be HTML/Flash too!

Directory Styles

  • Styles manager to create styles and layouts for directory
  • Free "default" responsive style for Bootstrap 2.3.2 that works with default Joomla templates, and with those templates that use Bootstrap 2.3.2 version.
  • New! Free "defaultbs3" responsive style for Bootstrap 3.2.0 and compatibility with T3 framework, and with those templates that use Bootstrap 3.x versions.
  • Free "legacy" non-responsive style for non-bootstrap templates.
  • Styles can be installed from backend
  • Styles can be upgraded from backend.
  • Assign default style with a single click
  • Option to load twitter bootstrap css and js library in advanced configuration.

Sponsor Categories

JV-LinkDirectory lets you create coupons for paid services. JV-LinkDirectory also supports processing and receiving payments via PayPal or offline mode of payments. You can create coupon code that can be limited by time or number of impressions. Coupons can also be created for one or more services too.

Joomla! Extensions Integrations

Joomla Extensions Integration

  • Sitemap using Xmap - Exclusive plugin for adding JV-LD URLs to Xmap, which produces sitemap for Joomla! websites
  • Integration with EasyBlog. Create blog posts in EasyBlog, as you create links in JV-LD. Show related blog posts in JV-LD detail pages too!
  • Integration with JSitemap, the top sitemap generation 3PD Joomla extension
  • Integration with Komento from StackIdeas, for commenting on directory listings
  • Integration with CComment from CompoJoom, for commenting on directory listings
  • New! Integration with JLex Review  from JLexart.com, for commenting on directory listings
  • Joomla Integrated Search - Exclusive Joomla! plugin to allow Joomla! to search from within JV-LD data and display results
  • Community Builder user profile integration - Exclusive Community Builder plugin for JV-LD, that will display a new tab with links that belong to the logged in user
  • Google Maps integration with JV-LD - Enables maps to be generated from custom fields, for listing and detail pages.
  • Twitter Integration - Post new website publishing to Twitter as tweets
  • PayPal IPN Integration - To automate the processing of IPN notifications from PayPal for one way paid links, paid featured links, advertisements and sponsor a category
  • 2Checkout INS Integration - To automate the processing of INS notifications from 2Checkout for one way paid links, paid featured links, advertisements and sponsor a category
  • Plugin for AplhaUserpoints - New Plugin that integrates with Alphauserpoints Joomla component. You can reward your site visitors with points, when they add links, add links o their favorite list, write reviews for links etc...
  • Shrinktheweb.com thumbnails - Fetch thumbnails from Shrinktheweb.com and display them in the JV-LD directory for links. This requires you to purchase JV-ShrinkTheWeb separately.
  • Picoshot.com thumbnails - Fetch thumbnails from picoshot.com as an alternate choice, and display them in JV-LD directory for links
  • JV-LD Plugin for Joomla! Article Creator - New Plugin to create a Joomla! article when a link is published in JV-LD.
  • JV-LD Plugin for K2 Item Creator - Plugin to create a K2 item when a link is published in JV-LD
  • New! EasyBlog Item Creator - Create an item in EasyBlog when a link is published in JV-LD

Listing Plans

listingplan toplevelcat 4f0f2

When you enable one-way links you can also create multiple one-way link plans that visitors can choose from, when they add links. A link plan enables you to define the price (free/paid), recurring option, duration, expiration date and fallback settings, number of photos and videos, allow partner logo, allow adding to top level categories, number of additional categories and ability to contact listing owner for that plan. When a customer purchases a plan he is restricted by the parameters of that plan. This can help you to define multiple plans and sell them at different prices.

One way link plans enhancement - Introducing concept of fallback plan for links after link expiry, decide on what happens to link after it expires, ability to select a default plan via backend for links.

Directory Featured Listings

Featured Listings

  • Sell or provide featured links for free
  • Display featured links block in directory in fixed or vertical sliding layouts
  • Exclusive page to showcase featured links
  • PayPal integrated payment processing for featured links
  • Set multiple pricing plans and increase revenue with Featured links.

Photo and Video Galleries

Photo and Video Gallery

  • Let your site visitors upload photos for listings.
  • Add YouTube videos for listings
  • Generate thumbnails for photos automatically
  • Manage photos and videos from site front-end and back-end
  • Display photos and videos in link detail pages
  • Configure allowed photo dimensions, size, allowed formats
  • Set limits on number of photos and videos that can be uploaded
  • Show photos instead of thumbnail previews in link listings.

Custom Directory Fields

Directory Customization

  • Define and create custom fields for links.
  • They can be
    • Text, Text Area, RSS Feed, Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, Email, HTML Editor, Country, Address, Meta Description, Url, Twitter Url, Facebook Url, Google Plus Url, Linked In Url, Time, Date
  • Set display ordering for them
  • Set fields as optional/mandatory
  • Search inside custom fields
  • Define basic validations
  • Display custom fields while adding and displaying links in site frontend.

Directory Modules

Directory modules

Install modules and show directory content in pre-defined Joomla module positions for:

  1. Favorite links
  2. Latest links
  3. Popular links
  4. Most visited links
  5. Random links
  6. Featured links
  7. Favorite Links
  8. Most viewed links
  9. Tree style link categories
  10. Most voted Links
  11. Most liked links
  12. Directory statistics
  13. Directory wall module showing activities in directory
  14. Compact search form
  15. Compact add link form
  16. Keywords in a Cloud
  17. Latest comments
  18. Random Previews
  19. Random Photos 
  20. Random Videos 
  21. Latest Files
  22. Popular Files
  23. Today's Links
  24. Top Google PR links
  25. Top Alexa PR links

New! Ability to use Gravatar or avatars from CB/JomSocial/EasySocial in modules.

Administrator Utilities

Directory Utilities

  • Import categories and links from text file
  • Import categories and links from Bookmarks component (only for J2.5)
  • Import categories and links from LinX (only for J2.5)
  • Import categories and links from Joomla Web Links component
  • Import categories and links from JV-LinkExchanger
  • Create categories in bulk from a text file
  • Scheduled backlink check
  • Send email in bulk (Mass email manager)
  • Broken link checker
  • Rebuild thumbnails in bulk
  • Rebuild galleries in bulk
  • Jump Start Configurator - Configure the directory in under 5 minutes
  • Install Sample Data - This provides you with a directory with sample data for you to get started.
  • Regenerate SEF URL alias for categories
  • Regenerate SEF URL alias for Links
  • JV-LD Backup manager
  • Delete all links and categories
  • Export and import JV-LD configuration.
  • Re-Calculate Number of Links in Categories
  • Configure 25+ email templates
  • Convert one-way to two-way links and vice-versa
  • Add private notes for every link
  • Communicate with partner via email from with in JV-LinkDirectory
  • Recycle bin to hold trashed links
  • Advanced caching techniques to improve performance and more....