Centralized Links Management and Keyword Advertising Extension Suite for Joomla!

JV-ContentLinks (JV-CL) is a very powerful links management and keyword advertising extension for Joomla!. JV-ContentLinks builds internal and external links for your Joomla! website, and enables you to improve your Joomla website Search Engine Optimization. JV-CL dynamically converts keywords to links in Joomla articles, blogs and several other 3rd party extensions and also allows you to advertise on keywords and earn money.

With JV-CL, you can configure links for keywords at Joomla admin back-end. These keywords will be automatically converted to links when they are displayed to the website visitor. This is a seamless integration. JV-ContentLinks also lets you advertise on keywords in Joomla and earn money. Not just that...JV-CL also lets you share revenue with article writers, thus increasing article submission and participation. JV-CL provides an online integrated PayPal payment solution as well, for you to collect payments!

You can purchase JV-ContentLinks for just USD 60 for the first year. You need to renew it before your subscription/purchase expires. Renewal is optional and will cost USD 25 for 1 year or USD 40 for 2 years.


  • JV-ContentLinks enables Joomla! website owners to manage all their internal links in Joomla and external links in Joomla articles and blogs in one central location at back-end
  • JV-ContentLinks lets your website visitors, select keyword phrases from article and blogs, and advertise on them.
  • For the search engines, the links from keywords are natural one way links to advertiser?s website. This increases your publishing power to your customers and advertisers.
  • You do not need to do any PHP processing on your website for integrating payments using PayPal?. JV-ContentLinks takes care of this integration in real time using IPN processing. All that you need is a PayPal account.
  • JV-ContentLinks will monitor the keywords and remove Joomla links automatically, once the duration expires. So you need not worry about removing links on keywords once the advertising time-line expires
  • JV-ContentLinks gives you to the ability to manually activate links at back-end, archive links, delete links in articles, all without the need to open the article and edit it



JV-ContentLinks is natively compatible with Joomla 2.5.




Works great - 200%

I use this extension on a site where internal linking is important for SEO. First step is I select an internal article and decide on which keywords on the page should be automatically linked to other pages on the site. Then automatically any page that has the same keywords will will be text linked to that page. All of this is customizable by Section and Category.

Even more terrific is the incredible support. Submit a ticket and the response is quick.

And they listen to users suggestions. I made a suggestion and two days later it was incorporated into their latest update. It was not a simple suggestion and I am sure it required some serious programming.

I rated this component Excellent. I would rate it even higher if it was possible. Excellemente!


Centralized Links Management

With JV-CL, you can manage all internal and external links in articles, blog posts, and several other 3rd party components. The extension also provides offline and a real time online payment integration and post notification processing with PayPal with multiple currency options. JV-ContentLinks provides keyword advertising benefits - It lets you manage your keywords and its' links even if you do not want to do advertising on keywords. You can establish links on keyword phrases article-wide or site-wide or just on the first occurrence of it. JV-ContentLinks can be used a Joomla links manager. JV-ContentLinks supports unlimited keywords and keywords for link management and advertising.

  • Link keywords to existing menu items or urls (internal and external)
  • Restrict the link on keywords articles and blogs to specific categories
  • Add links on keywords only in the first occurrence of the keyword in an article, site-wide, article-wide and first occurrence site-wide
  • Style links with custom css classes
  • SEF URL support for Joomla default SEF, Artio JoomSEF, SEF Advanced, sh404SEF and AceSEF
  • Cloak links or create link redirects on keyword links
  • Add nofollow href attribute to links
  • Open keyword link in new or existing window, on a keyword level
  • Add exception rules for not linking keywords that appear between pre-defined HTML tags
  • Ability to use different types of criteria for search and replace functions
  • A mouse over non-obtrusive pop up when visitor hovers over links created by JV-ContentLinks. Uses free services of www.shrinktheweb.com

A Must Have Extension

It's not very often I pay for an extension, let alone rate one. JV-ContentLinks filled a need for internal linking of keywords/phrases to categories/articles of my site. Worked like a charm!

Installed with no problems and works as expected.

The product has many other features I suspect I'll exploit one day too.



Keyword Advertising

JV-ContentLinks is a powerful Joomla! advertising component. Admins, buyers and customers can choose which keyword or phrase they want to advertise on, give details and pay for it. JV-ContentLinks takes care of all these operations in addition to processing payments using PayPal. You can also define pre-determined keywords which can only be advertised on. Advertisers can place their links on keywords in first-occurrence, article-wide and site-wide first occurrence scopes. Search form for searching keywords for advertising in front-end is provided, with which users can search for the keyword that they want to advertise.

Revenue Sharing with Article Authors

JV-ContentLinks supports revenue sharing. Revenue Sharing is the concept of sharing revenue generated out of keyword advertising in articles with the respective article owners or writers. This increases article submission and participation

JV-ContentLinks - Great Extension

This extension is almost perfect. Install was fast and ran into no problems with it. I posted a question about an extra module and received a response within 6 hours - great support! I'm used to waiting a day or so before anyone posts an answer on some extension support forums.

The only thing it's missing in my opinion is the ability to have multiple links per keyword and some sort of function to set priority and order. The "sitewide" option puts a single link on every instance of a keyword and being able to use this to set up a link as "alternating instance sitewide" and include filler links would let users still sell links on keywords they need for their own site


Comprehensive Admin Utilities

JV-ContentLinks provides detailed backend interfaces to view and manage links, manage pre-defined keywords for advertising, manage resource packs, configure 3PD components and manage revenue sharing. There are also utilities to import links from CSV/text file and export links to CSV format

What are Resource Packs?

JV-ContentLinks can replace keywords with links in many Joomla components. The depth of this capability differs from component to component. Broadly we classify this capability/support into two - Native and Partial support. Native support is provided by JV-CL with the help of resource packs which need to be purchased separately. The JV-CL product purchase includes the com_content resource pack for free.

Note: Compatibility of 3rd party components have been tested based on the support that each of the 3rd party component provides, for invoking plugins inside their code. We cannot guarantee that, this will work on all future versions of the 3rd party components, or if they change their behavior in the future


Capability Partial Native
Replace keywords with links in site-wide scopes
Replace keywords with links in first occurrence scope
Replace keywords with links in article-wide scope
Select specific article whose keywords can be replaced
Select specific article categories whose keywords can be replaced
Front-end advertising

Works like a charm!

This handy extention is probably one of the best ones to optimize your site.

It is a great seo enhancement, a must if you care about search engine positioning. This is really useful for good seo. Internal links are really important.

It's very easy to configure!
Thanks for the extension. Exactly what I was looking for and compatible with Artio JoomSEF.
As for the support? The best I've seen so far.



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