JV-ContentLinks (or JV-ContentLinks in short) performs automatic keyword linking by dynamically converting keywords to links in Joomla articles, blogs and several other 3rd party extensions. You can define the keywords with links to them in Joomla back-end, and JV-ContentLinks will do the magic by replacing those keywords with links in front-end!


JV-ContentLinks also lets you advertise on keywords in front-end and share revenue with article writers, thus increasing article submission and participation. JV-ContentLinks provides an online integrated PayPal payment solution for you to collect payments!

  • Enhance SEO by building internal links.
  • Convert keywords to links dynamically.
  • Enhance SEO with link juice flow.
  • Earn money with keyword advertising in Joomla.
  • Share revenue with article authors.


  • Joomla 3.4+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5.5+

JV-ContentLinks Product Features

jv-cl-automatic keyword linking

Centralized Links Management

Manage all your internal and external links in Joomla! articles and blogs in one central location at back-end. You can activate, archive, and delete links in articles, all without editing the article. You can also manage links and keywords by article categories!

Decide Scope of Replacement

You can decide to add links on keywords only in the first occurrence of the keyword in an article, or site-wide, or article-wide or first occurrence site-wide.

Automatic Removal of Links

JV-ContentLinks will monitor the keywords and remove links automatically once the link duration expires (as configured). You dont need to worry about removing links on keywords once the time-line expires.

Joomla! Keyword Advertising

Earn money by advertising on keywords with JV-ContentLinks, set pricing options and collect money using PayPal gateway integration provided by JV-ContentLinks. Let your visitors use the search form provided by JV-ContentLinks to search for keyword and advertise on.

Import & Export Keywords and Links

You can export keyword links to a csv file, make changes and even import them back to JV-ContentLinks.

Full Control on Links

You have full control on the links that are created - You can style them with custom css classes, allow rel=nofollow for SEO, and even cloak links typically done for affiliate urls!

Add Link via 1-Click! in Frontend

Add links on keywords from site frontend in a matter of a few seconds. Just highlight the keyword phrase in the article and provide a link url in the pop up that appears, and click on Submit! Isn't that fast and easy?

Use it with 3PD Joomla Extensions!

Yes, you can use JV-ContentLinks to manage links and advertise keywords in popular third party extensions like EasyBlog from StackIdeas, and K2 from JoomlaWorks. If you want to just manage links in site-wide scope, then JV-ContentLinks can do so with any Joomla extension that allows content plugin to be invoked!

Revenue Sharing with Authors

Increase article submission and participation by sharing the revenue from keyword advertising with article authors. Pay the site owner and article author via PayPal !.

Pre-Defined Keywords for Advertising

Create predefined keyword phrases that are shown to the visitors for advertising. These can be high CTR keywords that can fetch higher fee and those users will be interested in.