Customer Orders and Downloads

Welcome! Read on if you are here to download a product that you have purchased from us, and is active. If you are looking to download a free product, then please visit the respective product page to download them.

Download from Order / Update Emails

  • For purchases made before July 10th 2018: If you had purchased products from us before July 10th 2018, then we have uploaded all your orders data (no payment data as we dont store them anytime) to SendOwl, our partner to manage product purchases. We will also be sending you product update emails where you will find the link to download the product.
  • For purchases made after July 10th 2018: If you purchase a product after July 10th 2018, then it will be available for you to download immediately after the purchase. The download link will also be available in the order receipt e-mail that you receive.

If you are not able to find the order email or if it does not contain the download link (for purchases made before July 10th 2018), then you can have SendOwl send that to you.

Download from Customer Account Area

Customer accounts at SendOwl allow you to create an account which links all your orders of our products in one place. That means you can access and download all previous orders without needing to find each order’s unique download links.

If you’ve not created an account with SendOwl (or probably reading this the first time) already then please do steps 1 to 5 below. This needs to be done only once.

  1. Open any of the order receipt email (received during purchase or when update notification was sent to you) and click on the download link. If you dont have the receipt email or dont find the download link in it, please contact us with the purchase details.
  2. Now, when you go to your download page, you will see a link with either your name or email address. Clicking the link will take you to your customer account login page:
  3. If this is the first time you’ve clicked the link, you’ll need to claim your account by clicking the ‘Claim Account’ button.
  4. Clicking the ‘Claim Account’ button will send a unique link to your email address. Clicking the link in the email takes you to the login page where you’ll create your customer account password
  5. Once done, you are taken to your account page which contains details of all the orders you’ve made of our products at SendOwl.

Now that you have created your customer account, you can download the products anytime by logging into your Customer Account at SendOwl.