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Keyword and Links Management Extension for Joomla


Auto link keywords, and manage keywords and links

JV-LinkManager is a Free Joomla extension that lets you manage keywords via backend, associate links with the keywords, and dynamically hyperlink those keywords in the site frontend during page loads!. JV-LinkManager will automatically link keywords to their urls and manage Joomla Links, all from one central place! JV-LinkManager can do this magic in Joomla articles, modules, templates, plugins and all 3rd party Joomla extension content.
JV-LinkManager lets you link keywords to internal and external URLs starting with http or https, and also to internal menu items. It can also suggest relevant links from your own website for keywords that you add via backend, thus providing you with an ability link to those embedded articles or content. You can deep link to old but valuable articles and pages on your Joomla website, and thus enable search engines to follow and index them with greater value. JV-LinkManager is a must have for managing SEO for Joomla website, and a productivity tool saving hours of time in managing keywords and links, especially if you have a website with lot of content.
JV-LinkManager goes one step more by allowing you to set expiry dates for links on keywords. The hyperlinks created will be removed on the date of link expiration!. 

Product downloads and updates are FREE, but access to online documentation and support is not. You can purchase support subscription for 1 year for 1 website or 3 websites. Please click on Support tab to know more.


Hyperlink Keywords Automatically

Automatically add hyperlink to keywords on the fly during page loads. No need to edit articles to add links!

Mark Keyword as Featured

Mark specific keywords as featured for easy filtering and viewing in backend

Mask Links

Decide to cloak links on keyword. Suggested and used specifically for affiliate links

Track Clicks on Links

Track clicks on masked links and view summary of last 30 days clicks and detailed click history

Show Icon

Show an icon automatically near the keyword to let the viewers know that is a link.

Open Links in New Window

Configure the keyword to open it's link in existing or new window

Configure Link Hints

Configure links to be nofollow or sponsored or normal links and guide search engines.

Replace only certain occurrences

Configure the keyword to only replace certain instances or occurrences in the content

Automatic Link Removal

Monitor keywords and remove links on them automatically once the link expiry date is reached.

Centralized Links Management

Manage all internal and external links anywhere in Joomla in one central location at back-end.

Custom Styling of Links

Get full control on the links that are created by styling them with custom css classes.

Full Word or Partial Word Linking

Do a full word search or replace a keyword that appears partially in another word. Very useful when you don't want to define boundaries while linking!

Keyword Search Criteria

Set criteria such that you can search and replace the keyword that appears in lower case or upper case or camel case or any case or as it appears!

Keyword Replacement Criteria

Set criteria such that you can search and replace the keyword with lower case or upper case or camel case or as it is of the keyword, with the link

Blacklist Keywords

Set a list of keywords as blacklisted ones to not have JV-LinkManager process them for linking!

Restrict Linking in certain pages

Configure the keyword such that, it is linked only in certain urls or pages. Use full URLs or regular expressions too!

Link Destination Types

Configure the keyword to link to a fully qualified http or https URL or a menu item in Joomla!

Keyword Linking Suggestions

Have JV-LinkManager suggest pages on your website for a keyword that you are configuring. Use this to deep link to your website content.

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Support Subscription

  1. 12 months of support for 1 website or 3 websites based on the type of plan you purchase.
  2. Guaranteed support turn around time of less than 48 hours
  3. Your subscription will enable us to add new features, provide timely bug fix and security releases, and keep the product development active.

The subscription will NOT renew automatically when it expires. We will notify you when it expires, so that you can purchase the subscription again to get continued support. You can view the details about the subscription anytime by visiting our Billing Portal.

Support does not include customizations and new feature additions. If you have specific customization requirements for this extension on your website, then please contact us with your detailed requirements, and we will provide a quote ASAP

Buy Support Subscription for 1 Website for USD 15 or INR 1150


Buy Support Subscription for 3 Websites for USD 30 or INR 2250
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Joomla 3 Alert!

JV-LinkManager is not compatible with Joomla 3.x. If you are looking for an extension with similar functionality for Joomla 3 then please consider using JV-ContentLinks.