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Display Thumbnail Previews in Joomla 4 with Thumio screenshots


Show Thumbnail Preview Images of Websites in Joomla! 4

JV-Thumio for Joomla 4 is a Free Joomla extension which can dynamically display thumbnail previews of urls anywhere in Joomla!. With JV-Thumio, you can improve search accuracy, filter offensive websites, discover ambiguous and parked websites. JV-Thumio integrates with Thum.io for fetching and displaying thumbnail previews. Thum.io provides real-time screenshots of websites. Thum.io is the only website snapshot generator to stream screenshots as soon as you request them.
With JV-Thumio you can improve search accuracy, filter offensive websites, discover ambiguous and parked websites. JV-Thumio improves your website aesthetics tremendously for your users. Insert {sitepreview} tag with optional parameters and see the URL in the tag being magically replaced with the actual website screenshot image.

Product downloads and updates are FREE, but access to online documentation and support is not. You can purchase support subscription for 1 year for 1 website or 3 websites. Please click on Support tab to know more.

Note: JV-Extensions is not affiliated with Thum.io. We are an independent 3rd party Joomla extensions provider who provide this integration. For any issues with your account or services at thum.io, you need to contact Thum.io


{sitepreview} Magic!

Generate and display thumbnail preview images on the fly by inserting {sitepreview} tag for any url in it's place and anywhere in Joomla!

Multiple Thumbnail Preview Images

Add multiple {sitepreview} tags in the page and get them all replaced with respective thumbnail preview images at the respective positions!

Thum.io Premium Plan Features

Enjoy all premium plan features of your account at thum.io like queue priority, adjustable viewport, and full page screenshots.

Control Preview Generation

Set the width and quality and many other attributes of the preview image that will be generated with arguments to {sitepreview} tag.

Custom Styles

Style the generated thumbnail preview images with optional arguments to {sitepreview} tag. Define custom styling or provide a custom class name.

Administrator Notifications

Notify users and administrators by email whenever there is an error in fetching or displaying thumbnail previews.

More Control on Previews

Decide if you want to show thumbnail preview images or not process the {sitepreview} tag or just leave the tag intact.

Cache Thumbnail Preview Images

Decrease page load times by caching generated preview images from thum.io locally on your servers.

Works with all Joomla Extensions!

Use JV-Thumio to show thumbnails in any Joomla extension display by including the {sitepreview} tag in the extension display layouts.

Refresh Previews On Demand

Instruct thum.io servers to recreate it's cache by fetching the latest version of the webpage in context for previews.

Hyperlink Preview Images

You can opt to hyperlink the preview images by linking them to the respective URL!

Open Link in new Window

Decide to open the hyperlinked preview image in the existing window or a new window!

Full Page Captures

Capture and show full page of the URL that is given in the {sitepreview} tag. Needs premium plan feature at thum.io

Wait and Capture Thumbnail Previews

Set the delay time in seconds after which you want to capture the screenshot. Useful for sites that load lots of content and takes time or use flash!

Device Emulations

Pass appropriate parameters to {sitepreview} tag to emulate output of screens on iphones and galaxy phones!

Custom Sized Thumbnail Previews

Specify custom width and height for thumbnail preview in {sitepreview} tag.

Set Browser Width and Height

You can set width and height of browser size for captures in pixels by adding relevant arguments to {sitepreview} tag.

URL Only {sitepreview} tags

Need just the URL to the thumbnail preview image and not the Image itself? You got it covered too by adding a specific parameter to {sitepreview} tag!

Wrap it inside DIV

Decide to wrap the resultant preview image inside a DIV for better styling and positioning of the image!

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Support Subscription

  1. 12 months of support for 1 website or 3 websites based on the type of plan you purchase.
  2. Guaranteed support turn around time of less than 48 hours
  3. Your subscription will enable us to add new features, provide timely bug fix and security releases, and keep the product development active.

The subscription will NOT renew automatically when it expires. We will notify you when it expires, so that you can purchase the subscription again to get continued support. You can view the details about the subscription anytime by visiting our Billing Portal.

Support does not include customizations and new feature additions. If you have specific customization requirements for this extension on your website, then please contact us with your detailed requirements, and we will provide a quote ASAP

Buy Support Subscription for 1 Website for USD 15 or INR 1150


Buy Support Subscription for 3 Websites for USD 30 or INR 2250
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JV-Thumio is not compatible with Joomla 3.x.