Automatically or manually post article updates to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, JomSocial, EasySocial, LinkedIn and PInterest with JV-PostMaster for Joomla!

JV-PostMaster (or JV-PM in short) is a Joomla! extension that can automatically post Joomla article data to social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, JomSocial, and EasySocial, when articles are created or updated. JV-PostMaster can also notify search engines and web services when new articles are created or updated, enabling them to be crawled promptly. Additionally JV-PostMaster provides exclusive Joomla modules to show tweets and posts from Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr on your Joomla website.

Auto post to social media from Joomla

Decide what you want to post to social media: You can define your own message for automatic tweeting/posting. Article title, section name, category name, author name, article link, article meta description and article description are available as pre-defined tags for your custom message! Use the unique feature of Delayed Posting to save an article and delay its posting to provider accounts!. You can now go and make edits to the saved articles in this duration and ensure that the latest article edits are posted to provider accounts!.

  • Increase productivity by automatically posting to multiple social media accounts.
  • Build links in social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, JomSocial, EasySocial, LinkedIn)
  • Notify search engines when you save content in Joomla.
  • Post manually or automatically to social media accounts.
  • Display Twitter tweets, Facebook posts and Tumblr blog posts in Joomla! modules.


  • Joomla 3.4+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5.5+

JV-PostMaster Product Features

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Auto Tweet to Twitter

Tweet to one or more of your Twitter accounts when you save or update articles in Joomla!. You may even decide on a prefix, hash tag and also tweet instantly or schedule a tweet for a later time.

Auto Post to LinkedIn

Auto Post to your LinkedIn profile and your company pages as you save articles in Joomla. You can also post raw messages manually to LinkedIn from JV-PM backend.

Auto Post to JomSocial

Post to your JomSocial activity stream, with the first picture of the article in native format!. You can also post articles that will be published in the future.

Works with Automatic Content Creators

Monitor the Joomla database for new articles as they are created, and post them automatically to social media networks, there by making it compatible with article generator components like FeedGator, Article Generator, Feed2Post etc.

Joomla! Twitter Module

Display latest tweets from your Twitter accounts in a Joomla module with advanced caching mechanism.

Joomla! Tumblr Module

Display latest blog posts from your Tumblr blog accounts in a Joomla module with advanced caching mechanism. 

Track & Monitor Social Media Posting

JV-PM provides a comprehensive queue manager which displays the current queue status for messages. Use the Jobs Log Manager to view detailed information of posting to check for errors. Worried about posting too fast? You need not be... as JV-PM lets you set a time gap between 2 postings! And JV-PM automatically retries posting of failed messages too!.

Show a message in backend at the bottom indicating the posts done to social media whenever it happens. This will notify admin whenever a new post is published to social media via JV-PostMaster. Admin can also view charts of auto/manual and cron posting statistics as graphs by date.

Auto Post to Facebook

Auto Post to one or more of your Facebook accounts! - pages walls, group walls and profile walls at the same time. Personalize your posting via the Facebook application that you can create, and post images, with hash tag, posting instantly or by scheduling the posting for a later time.

Auto Post to Tumblr

Create posts in your Tumblr blogs as you create or modify articles or post manually. You can post a link, description with title as a text post, or an image as image post too, all from with from your Joomla website!

Auto Post to Pinterest

Create pins on one or more of your boards in Pinterest, with article images and text. automatically or you may post manually too!.

Auto Post to EasySocial

Post article updates manually or automatically upon save to EasySocial (from StackIdeas) streams on your Joomla! website. You can post article description, title, image and links to the streams!

Post Joomla Custom Fields to Social Media

Post Joomla custom fields (only when posting Joomla article and not for other components) to social media. Joomla custom fields will be shown for selection in Manual posting, and auto posting rules. Admin can choose them for their message to post to social media.

Notify Search Engines of New Content

Send a ping to web services and notify them automatically, when articles are saved or updated. Pinging can be done when articles are saved in frontend or backend. Pinging can be done when article is saved first time or every time or with a delay too!

Joomla! Facebook Module

Display latest updates from your Facebook profile wall or page wall in a Joomla module with advanced caching mechanism.

Compatible with 3PD Extensions

JV-PostMaster can not only post Joomla Core Article content, but also articles that are created in popular third party extensions like EasyBlog, K2 and JV-LinkDirectory.