Manage Links centrally, Auto Link Keywords in
Articles & Advertise on Keywords

Add URLs to keywords in back-end and see them convert magically to links in articles in front-end.
Advertise on keywords in front-end and share revenue with article writers.
Works with Joomla articles, EasyBlog posts, and K2 items.

Centralized Links Management

Manage all your internal and external links in Joomla! articles and blogs in one central location at back-end. Activate, archive, and delete links in articles!

Define Replacement Scopes

Decide to add links on keywords only in the first occurrence of the keyword in an article, or site-wide, or article-wide or first occurrence site-wide.

Automatic Removal of Links

Monitor keywords and remove links on them automatically once the configuration link duration elapses.

Get Complete Control on Links

Get full control on the links that are created - Style them with custom css classes, allow rel=nofollow for SEO, or even cloak links (for affiliate urls)!

Add Link without editing articles!

Add links to keywords in articles in front-end without editing articles, and in a matter of a few seconds. It is easy and fast!

Advertise on Keywords in Articles

Earn money by advertising on keywords , set pricing options and get paid using PayPal. Let your visitors search for keyword and advertise on.

Pre-Defined Keywords for Advertising

Add predefined high CTR keyword phrases that are shown to the visitors for advertising to choose from.

Share Ad Revenue with Authors

Increase article submission and participation by sharing the revenue from keyword advertising with article authors. Pay the site owner and article author via PayPal !.

Import & Export Keywords and Links

Export keyword links to a csv file, make changes and even import them back to JV-ContentLinks.

Customer Testimonials

I bought JV-Contentlinks (and also JV-relatives) for our sites and our sites now have more visitors AND lower bounce rates. We have quite a large website and because we have, like, “hundreds” of articles with each of our important keywords, Googlebot can easily pick the wrong one as your “best”. This is often referred to as “keyword cannibalism”.

Link Juice

JV-contentlinks makes it very easy for you to make the “link juice” flow to the right article, which Google can then easily mark as THE important one. Also, the support is some of the best I’ve seen

By klp29

I use this extension on a site where internal linking is important for SEO. First step is I select an internal article and decide on which keywords on the page should be automatically linked to other pages on the site. Then automatically any page that has the same keywords will will be text linked to that page. All of this is customizable by Section and Category.


Even more terrific is the incredible support. Submit a ticket and the response is quick. And they listen to users suggestions. I made a suggestion and two days later it was incorporated into their latest update. It was not a simple suggestion and I am sure it required some serious programming.

I rated this component Excellent. I would rate it even higher if it was possible. Excellemente!

By Rowby Goren

Big compliments to this JV-ContentLinks product! We did also buy other commercial software for internal links and watched the market! This product reaches a so far not known quality standard and functionality. Detailled and accurate descriptions in backend are representative part of this excellent work! Service is one of the best I ever experienced.

Keep it up!!! 

By Dirk

This extension is almost perfect. Install was fast and ran into no problems with it. I posted a question about an extra module and received a response within 6 hours – great support! I’m used to waiting a day or so before anyone posts an answer on some extension support forums.

By seanb

What is Included?

  • JV-ContentLinks Component that contains all modules, plugins and necessary integrations with Joomla articles, K2 and EasyBlog
  • Free updates and upgrades for 12 months.
  • Free support via User Community Forums.
  • 12 months support via Dedicated Email Support with a guaranteed turnaround time of less than 24 hours (usually it is a few minutes to a couple of hours).

All modules, plugins, and fields are installed automatically when you install the component.


  • Joomla! 3.4+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5.5+
  • PHP CURL and GD Libraries

We have a 15 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the software. So go ahead and try it out! Our customers trust us and appreciate the quality of the product and software.