JomSocial Apps for JV-LinkDirectory

PreRequisite- You must have already purchased JV-LinkDirectory. If not, please buy JV-LinkDirectory and install it on your website before buying and using JomSocial Apps for JV-LinkDirectory


JomSocial My Listings App

Display member listings in his/her JomSocial member profile

JomSocial App for Favorite Listings

Display member's favorite listings from JV-LinkDirectory in their JomSocial profile for others to see.

JomSocial App for Listing Reviews

Display listing reviews from JV-LinkDirectory given by the member to other listings in the directory

JomSocial App for Latest Listings

Display the latest listings from the directory in user's JomSocial profile

JomSocial Avatar in Listing Detail pages

Display Listing owner's JomSocial avatar with a hyperlink to listing owner's JomSocial profile, in listing detail pages

JomSocial Userpoint Integration

Automatically grant userpoints to JomSocial user, when predefined actions or events occur in JV-LD. Assigned points are configurable in back-end.

JomSocial Avatar in Category pages

Display JomSocial avatar with a hyperlink to listing owner's JomSocial profile for each listing.

JomSocial Activity Stream Integration

Enable and Configure 14+ different types of directory activities that can be posted to JomSocial activity stream!

We have a 15 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the software. So go ahead and try it out! Our customers trust us and appreciate the quality of the product and software.

What do you get with the purchase?

With the purchase you get 12 months of free updates, upgrades and priority support via Support forums with a guaranteed turnaround time of less than 24 hours (usually it is a few minutes to a couple of hours). You can also create public and private (only you and staff member can view) topics/discussions in support forums.