Free Reciprocal Link and Banner Exchange Extension for Joomla 3.x and 2.5.

JV-LinkDirectory Language Translations

JV-LinkDirectory 5.7 English language files are now available for translation. Those who wish to contribute may please visit the Translation Forum, read instructions, download the English language files, and get started now! Do let us know before you get started for a language so that we can reward you appropriately.

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JV-LinkExchanger (or JV-LE in short) is a free Joomla reciprocal link exchange extension. JV-LinkExchanger provides the necessary infrastructure and helps you exchange links with other websites. JV-LinkExchanger increases traffic to your website and also helps you generate revenue using featured links and advertisement functions. 

Significant features of JV-LinkExchanger include Joomla Link exchange, Joomla banner exchange functions, reciprocal or back link checks, one-way links from backend, two-way reciprocal links, SEF URLs, 2-column layout for categories, admin approvals and rejections, email approvals and rejections, notifications, reminders, link rating systems, captcha for forms, website thumbnails, directory monetization, directory search, pagination, scheduled reciprocal link checks, highly configurable backend options etc...

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JV-LinkExchanger Product Features

  • Basic Directory Features

    • 2 Levels of hierarchies in categories
    • Unlimited Number of categories in the directory
    • Featured links functionality
    • Completely configurable at backend with links management and categories management
    • Ability to approve or reject link requests at backend or/and by email
    • Ability to provide a specific/generic reason for link request rejection
    • Ability to set maximum number of links in a category
  • SEF Features

    • Compatible with Joomla Core SEF URLs
    • Has the ability to generate SEF URLs on its own for itself. It does not require any SEF component
  • Directory Front-End Features

    • Pagination of links in frontend
    • Sorting of links based on various criteria
    • Display latest links in frontend
    • Configurable texts and headings in frontend
    • Configurable summary of text for link directory. This can be used to add text to welcome the user or providing a overview of directory or for similar purposes
    • Ability to submit link exchange requests at frontend
    • Comprehensive configurable CSS file for smoother display of data on frontend
    • Configurable directory title and slogan Ability to prevent submissions to specific categories
  • Link and Banner Exchange Features

    • Partner initiated link exchanges
    • Self initiated link exchanges
    • Reciprocal link check when link inclusion request is submitted at frontend
    • Is a Joomla link checker with Reciprocal link checks at backend 
    • Change link status after a reciprocal links check for one or more links
    • Schedule and run automatic reciprocal link checks via CRON
  • Add-On Features

    • Ajax based partner link rating system
    • Monetize using ad placements in directory
    • Partner can check his link status at frontend
    • Display website thumbnail previews for links by fetching thumbnails from Shrinktheweb.com. This requires you to purchase JV-ShrinkTheWeb separately.
    • Display website thumbnail previews for links by fetching thumbnails from Thumboo.com
    • Enables the visitors to search the link directory for specific words or URLs or links
    • Use Joomla CAPTCHA Security for forms in frontend
    • JoomFish Compatible - Enables you to run in multi-lingual sites using JoomFish
    • Ability to track hits for one-way links added from back-end
  • Link Modules

    JV-LinkExchanger provides modules of following types for you to show them in Joomla module positions.

    • Latest Links Module
    • Highly Rated Links Module
    • Random Links Module
    • Featured Links Module

JV-LinkExchanger is NOT the basic or free version of JV-LinkDirectory. Though JV-LinkExchanger and JV-LinkDirectory have common features like link exchange, check link status, recommend website etc..., JV-LinkDirectory is a way different product than JV-LinkExchanger. If you are looking for a very simple directory with limited SEO and features, then JV-LinkExchanger should fit your requirements. On the contrary if you are seriously looking for a Joomla extension which can give you SEO, directory and link exchange benefits, then you should certainly consider JV-LinkDirectory. For more detailed comparison, please visit our home page.