JV-Relatives - Related Items for Joomla!

Advanced Related Items, Keyword Tagging, End of Page Flyout Box & Social Bookmarking Extension for Joomla!.

JV-Relatives - Product Description

JV-Relatives (JV-REL) scans your website for related items or articles by matching meta keywords or tags, and displays them at the pre-configured position in the displayed article. It also shows the keywords of the article displayed, along with social bookmarking buttons, enabling your visitors to bookmark your article. JV-Relatives provides a module and a plugin (or field for Cobalt) to show related articles. Each of them can be used exclusively to show related articles, social media icons and tags for the article displayed.

  • Improve SEO of your Joomla! website by showing links to articles which are deep in your website which otherwise get hardly noticed by search engines.
  • Decrease bounce rate in articles, and retain the reader of the article for more time in the website by giving him the option to read more related articles.
  • JV-Relatives displays the related articles or posts in random order or a preset order. This ensures that articles of your website that are not read frequently have more chance to be read, as they are displayed in the related articles section.
  • Enhance SEO with link juice flow by building internal links with related articles and displaying them anywhere in Joomla article!


  • Joomla 3.4+
  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5.5+

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JV-Relatives Product Features

joomla related items and related articles

Include Thumbnails of Articles!

Display thumbnails of related articles, from first image in article or image configured in intro content or image configured in full content for articles

Full Control on Scan Configuration

You can select categories to scan for related articles, search in article titles, set meta keywords to ignore for scanning, decide the sorting order of related articles from hits, created date, modified date, title, relevance of match etc...

Show Related Articles Anywhere

Display related articles block anywhere inside article content by using {jvrelatives} tag, or display it in pre-defined positions like top left of article content, or beneath the article content. You may also switch off related articles display in specific articles.

Styles and Layout Overrides

You may choose from multiple column layouts and show article intro, last updated time, created time and number of hits. You can choose from the existing styles that render related articles based on the version of bootstrap you use, or choose a new one altogether. It is very easy to create a new style for JV-Relatives.

Enhance Website SEO

JV-Relatives displays keywords of the displayed article as tags above or below the article. The keywords can also be linked to default Joomla! search facility, there by improving Search Engine Optimization of your website

Let visitors bookmark your articles!

Display social networking buttons which can be placed above or below the article. These buttons allow the reader to share content or like and share it in Facebook, add it to Google+, tweet about the article and add to Pinterest.

End of Page Slideout Box

Show related articles, tags and social media buttons in a box that will appear as the user scrolls to the bottom of the page. This is something the user cannot ignore and ensures a higher conversion ratio for you in retaining the visitors for longer periods of time.

Use it with 3PD Joomla Extensions!

Yes, you can use JV-Relatives to display related articles, keywords and social media buttons in Joomla! core content (meta keywords and tags) and popular third party extensions like EasyBlog (tags) from StackIdeas, K2 (meta keywords and tags) from JoomlaWorks, and Cobalt CCK from MintJoomla.

Works with Meta keyword management tools

Typically one would use article manager or the respective component interface to manage keywords or tags. Sometimes you could even use AceSEF and sh404SEF to generate meta keywords for articles. JV-Relatives has the ability to read those tables and scan and display related articles too!