Provide fast and high quality support to your customers with JV-HelpDesk, the premium helpdesk and support ticket extension for Joomla!
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JV-HelpDesk is a simple and professional HelpDesk and support ticket extension suite for Joomla!.

With JV-HelpDesk, you can provide a highly efficient and professional 1-on-1 dedicated ticket support to your customers. Deeply integrated with Joomla, JV-HelpDesk provides support services on your site, the easy way with BBcode editing, Email replies, Multilingual support and advanced ACL. And much more!
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  • Joomla 3.7+, PHP 5.4+, MySQL 5.5+

JV-HelpDesk Product Features

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Unlimited Categories

Tickets can be assigned to categories, one category per ticket. There is no limit to the number of categories that you can create in JV-HelpDesk. You can also have any level of nesting for categories.

Custom Fields for Tickets

You can create custom fields for tickets via backend, and they will be shown to customers while opening a new ticket. You can also associate fields to "Field Groups" to group them for better display organization. Custom fields can be text, image, checkbox, color, editor, integer, list, radio buttons, url, and calendar type.

Ticket Priorities

Tickets can be assigned priority based on the urgency of the request/ticket. High, Normal and Low are the default priorities that are available immediately after installation. You can also create new priorities and sort them by assigning a priority code which defines the relative importance or urgency.

Ticket Statuses

Status of a ticket defines the current state of the ticket. By default JV-HelpDesk has 3 statuses for a ticket.- Open, Pending and Closed. From backend, you can add new statuses and tickets can be assigned to them. In frontend, when a customer or staff logs in, he/she will be shown tickets in tabs named by statuses.

Email Templates

Emails will be sent whenever there is a change of status of a ticket. Additional events that trigger emails include when new ticket is created, ticket is edited/deleted, new reply is posted, reply is edited/deleted, ticket is assigned to staff member, ticket is auto assigned to staff member, or when ticket is closed/auto closed. Email messages can be customized with language specific overrides too!

Auto Close Tickets

While customers can always close tickets from frontend, as admin you can set a value for number of days of idling after which a ticket can automatically closed by JV-HelpDesk. An email will be sent to customer and staff member informing him/her of auto-closure.

Create Related Ticket

JV-HelpDesk provides a unique feature with which your customers can create new tickets based on an existing ticket. If for example, your customer has a question that is related or associated with an existing ticket, but has already closed the existing ticket, then he can open a new one by opening a related ticket.

Prevent Spam with Captcha

As admin you can decide to challenge the user with a captcha to prevent new ticket spam and reply submissions. You can enable or disable the spam option in backend. When enabled, captcha configured in the Joomla! Global Configuration will be used.

Modules for Frontend

In addition to the component, JV-HelpDesk provides an multi-function module which can be configured to show their recent tickets, and recent replies for logged in customers. For staff members, you can show modules for Un-assigned tickets and tickets in specific statuses in frontend.

Frontend Customer Dashboard

When a customer logs in frontend, the home page of JV-HelpDesk provides a comprehensive dashboard of menu links to opening new ticket, viewing existing tickets, searching within tickets, and showing the recently opened tickets. 

Extremely Safe for Customers

All tickets are private, and new tickets can only be opened or viewed by logged in users. TIcket system will not be visible for public. This means that only the customer who opened the ticket and the staff members can view the ticket anytime. So it is perfectly safe for customers to include any sensitive information in the tickets.

Manage Tickets in Frontend and Backend

While customers can add and edit their tickets via frontend, staff members can manage the tickets via frontend and backend. In the backend, you can filter by category, status, priority and language. You can also search tickets by customer username, customer name, ticket id and details in ticket. Once a ticket is opened, customer or staff member can post replies to it. 

Access Control Permissions

As admin you can configure categories to allow users belonging to specific user groups to create or open new tickets in them. This feature enables you to restrict your customers from opening tickets in any category in the helpdesk system.

Attachments for Tickets

Customers will be able to attach files with tickets. As admin, you configure the maximum number of attachments allowed per ticket, and file extensions allowed. You can also decide to disable this feature via backend configuration.

Staff Member Group

As admin you can decide the user group in your site, which should act as the staff members. All users in the selected group will be staff members for tickets. You can also configure a list of staff group email addresses. Whenever a new ticket is created, users of all those addresses will be notified by email.

Twitter Bootstrap Compatible

JV-HelpDesk is compatible with Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2 and 3.x versions. You can decide to load jQuery, Bootstrap css and also JS if required from backend. You may want to do this, if your Joomla template provider does not load jQuery or bootstrap css or js for some reason.

Easily and Heavily Customizable

You can effortlessly customize the output files (php or css files) of JV-Helpdesk. This is possible thanks to the customizable template architecture of JV-HelpDesk. You can create new template based on the desired look and file and also override css file with custom.css. 

Migrate from other Ticket Systems

You can migrate from other existing ticketing systems like Akeeba Ticket System to JV-HelpDesk with 1-click!. We plan to add migrations from more extensions in the future too.

We guarantee that you will see more and more features in JV-HelpDesk in the future. We have an awesome roadmap and our objective is to make JV-HelpDesk the best helpdesk and ticketing system for our customers with great user experience.