Become an Official Translator for JV-Extensions Products

Our Joomla extensions follow the Joomla standard in enabling internationalization in the code so that it is easy to localize it with translations. We reply on the Joomla community for translating our extensions. 

I am interested to contribute my translations, where do I begin?

If you are keen to contribute your language expertise as a translator for our Joomla extensions, we would be more than happy to accept you! All our translators will enjoy special benefits from us, too.

Sounds good! What is in it for me?

We value your contributions and you will definitely be rewarded for your work. Here are some of the perks you will be enjoying:

  • Complimentary product
    • As a translator for JV-Extensions, you will receive complimentary use of the translated product for as long as you contribute to the translations for it. If you are existing customer, then please submit your translation of the latest version of the chosen product and get your subscription extended till the next release. If you are not a customer of JV-Extensions, but wish to translate then submit your translation and will get a complimentary access to the product till the next release. We encourage you to constantly submit your contributions whenever new versions are released (usually once in 3-4 months) if you would like to continuously receive complimentary product access. 
  • Opportunity to earn money:
    • If you own websites with lots of traffic, you can add value to your visitors by referring our Joomla extensions to them. Sign-up as our affiliate partner and place our product banners in your site so that whenever a visitor clicks on it and purchase our products, you will earn a commission! We will show you how to sign up for this once you have started translations.

We are seeking for dedicated translators who are willing to volunteer in the long term to translate for us whenever we launch a new product or release new product updates.

Cool! Is there anything I need to know before I hop on board?

Though we welcome all translators on join our translator project. We would strongly suggest that our translators to hit certain progression simply to avoid our system from being misused.

  • Our translators are advised not to post too many support tickets at our forum as our support team are dedicated and prioritize for our paid users.
  • As for translators who did not contribute much, we would revoke your licenses as we see fit. 
  • We reserve the right to terminate the complimentary access to the product if the translations are partially complete or if there are complaints from customers on the translation quality.
  • Before you start translating a product to any language, please let us know via the language translations forum so that we can check and let you know if someone else is working on it.
  • You may download English language files, discuss with us and other translators, upload translated files and also download translations from the Language Translations Forum

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