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Free Reciprocal Link Exchange Extension for Joomla!

JV-LinkExchanger is a simple and FREE to download, Joomla! reciprocal link exchange extension. JV-LinkExchanger provides the necessary infrastructure and processing power required for you, to exchange links with other websites. JV-LinkExchanger, increases traffic to your website, and even helps you generate revenue using featured links and advertisement functions.

JV-LinkExchanger can be used by anyone, who wants to exchange links with other websites. JV-LinkExchanger is more of a showcase of what is in store for JV-LD (JV-LinkDirectory), which is a much advanced and Search Engine Optimization based version of JV-LinkExchanger. Only security patches, minor enhancements and maintenance releases will be provided for JV-LinkExchanger.

Some of the significant features provided by JV-LinkExchanger are, Joomla Link exchange, Joomla banner exchange functions, reciprocal or back link checks, one-way links, two-way reciprocal links, SEF URLs, 2-column layout for categories, admin approvals and rejections, email approvals and rejections, notifications, reminders, link rating systems, captcha for forms, website thumbnails, directory monetization, directory search, pagination, snap shots for links, scheduled reciprocal link checks, highly configurable backend options etc...


Download JV-LinkExchanger for FREE



JV-LinkExchanger is natively compatible with Joomla 2.5.


Link Exchange

  • 2 Levels of hierarchies in categories
  • Unlimited Number of categories in the directory
  • Featured links functionality
  • Completely configurable at backend with links management and categories management
  • Ability to approve or reject link requests at backend or/and by email
  • Ability to provide a specific/generic reason for link request rejection
  • Ability to set maximum number of links in a category

Link and Banner Exchange Features

  • Partner initiated link exchanges
  • Self initiated link exchanges
  • Reciprocal link check when link inclusion request is submitted at frontend
  • Is a Joomla link checker with Reciprocal link checks at backend for one or more links
  • Change link status after a reciprocal links check for one or more links
  • Schedule and run automatic reciprocal link checks via CRON

Front-End Features

  • Pagination of links in frontend
  • Sorting of links based on various criteria
  • Display latest links in frontend
  • Configurable texts and headings in frontend
  • Configurable summary of text for link directory. This can be used to add text to welcome the user or providing a overview of directory or for similar purposes
  • Ability to submit link exchange requests at frontend
  • Comprehensive configurable CSS file for smoother display of data on frontend
  • Configurable directory title and slogan Ability to prevent submissions to specific categories

Add-On Features

  • Ajax based partner link rating system
  • Monetize using ad placements in directory
  • Partner can check his link status at frontend
  • SNAP shots of links in directory. Requires services of
  • New - Display website thumbnail previews for links by fetching thumbnails from
  • New - Display website thumbnail previews for links by fetching thumbnails from
  • Enables the visitors to search the link directory for specific words or URLs or links
  • Basic CAPTCHA Security for forms in frontend
  • New - JoomFish Compatible - Enables you to run in multi-lingual sites using JoomFish
  • New - Ability to track hits for one-way links added from back-end

SEF Features

  • Compatible with Joomla Core SEF URLs
  • Has the ability to generate SEF URLs on its own for itself. It does not require any SEF component


  • Latest Links Module
  • Highly Rated Links Module
  • Random Links Module
  • Featured Links Module

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Free Website Thumbnail Preview Extension Suite for Joomla!

JV-Extensions + ShrinkTheWeb = JV-ShrinkTheWeb

JV-ShrinkTheWeb is a free Joomla extension suite that enables you to display thumbnail previews of urls anywhere in Joomla. JV-ShrinkTheWeb achieves this by interacting with ShrinkTheWeb, the most powerful truly free website thumbnail provider. acts as a server providing thumbnail previews. JV-ShrinkTheWeb contacts the server, fetches the thumbnails and displays them in Joomla content. All that you need to do is insert or add "stwpreview" tags for urls in Joomla content (modules/components/plugins/templates!) and JV-ShrinkTheWeb will dynamically replace them with thumbnail previews during page loads.

  • Pictures speak a thousand words. Do so with thumbnail previews for urls on your website. Provide pictorial previews of website urls that can give a more professional ease of use to your site visitors
  • Recall previously visited websites, improve search accuracy, filter offensive websites, discover ambiguous and parked websites.
  • Use it along with your affiliate program to increase revenue. Add to your member profiles, forum signatures, web directories, Joomla weblinks, related links etc...


Download JV-ShrinkTheWeb for FREE


compat-j30 compat-j25

JV-ShrinkTheWeb is natively compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.


Caching of Thumbnail Preview Images provides 3 different types of accounts - Free, Basic and Plus. These accounts differ in the number of new requests that are made and bandwidth utilized per month. JV-ShrinkTheWeb helps you save bandwidth by caching the thumbnails it receives from in local folders in your Joomla website. The cache expiry time is configurable in JV-ShrinkTheWeb.

Multiple Thumbnail Previews Per Page

With JV-ShrinkTheWeb, you can add multiple stwpreview tags in your Joomla website content. JV-ShrinkTheWeb will replace all the tags with respective thumbnail previews. It does not matter in which component or module the tags added in. JV-ShrinkTheWeb just shows thumbnail previews there!


Styling the Thumbnail Images

By default, JV-ShrinkTheWeb uses a predefined CSS class definition to style the div and img html tags it uses for the generated image. If you want to style it using your custom CSS definition, you may do so by defining a class parameter to the tag. Alternatively you may also customize the css of the default css definition. Additionally JV-ShrinkTheWeb also provides an inline CSS feature with which you can style individual thumbnail previews inline too!

Manage Thumbnail Previews

With JV-ShrinkTheWeb, you can manage the cached thumbnail previews as well. You may search for cached previews based on search keywords and then select to delete them so that they are recreated again.


Parameters for Thumbnail Preview Generation

JV-ShrinkTheWeb provides a number of parameters that govern the thumbnail generation. All parameters except the url parameter are optional. The parameters are given as inputs via the stwpreview tag and these include:

  • Size of the thumbnail (From any of the predefined sizes at - xlg, lg, sm, vsm, tny, mcr)
  • Link the thumbnail to website
  • Open the website in new/existing window
  • Set quality to thumbnail that needs be generated
  • Specify the CSS class that needs to be used for styling the generated thumbnail image
  • Specify individual inline CSS that can be used for styling the generated thumbnail image
  • Set custom sizes for thumbnail
  • Specify if you want to generate thumbnail of the full page
  • Specify browser width and height of capture
  • Capture inside pages as previews and not just the home page

Editor Button for URL Preview

The latest version of JV-ShrinkTheWeb for Joomla 3.x provides an Editor Plugin that inserts a button into the editor. The button is called "URL Preview" and clicking on this will open up a pop up window where you can provide the values for parameters for url preview generation. The editor plugin will automatically create the stwpreview tag line and will insert into the content!. So its super easy now to add stwpreview tags into your content!


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Directory and Link Exchange Extensions Suite for Joomla!

JV-LinkDirectory (JV-LD) is a very powerful Joomla directory extension and link exchange suite for beginners, advanced administrators and users of Joomla. With JV-LD, you can build a directory of links and/or URL-less entries, exchange links with other websites, improve search engine optimization and rankings, increase traffic to your website, generate traffic from partners, monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and much more...

JV-LinkDirectory provides a feature rich package some of which include, photo gallery, video gallery, Google maps, reviews, ratings, likes, unlikes, thumbnails for entries, twitter integration, facebook integration, custom search engine friendly urls, directory wall, anti-spam, email templates, reward points, multiple profiles per entry, coupons, advertisements, revenue generation options etc...JV-LD can be heavily customized to suite your website design as it is based on styles.

You can purchase JV-LinkDirectory for just USD 75 for the first year. You need to renew it before your subscription/purchase expires. Renewal is optional and will cost USD 30 for 1 year or USD 50 for 2 years.



compat-j30 compat-j25

JV-LinkDirectory is natively compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.


A professional extension and very friendly and good support

V-Link Directory is an advanced extension can use by any website and necessary for any one has a Serious project on the net.
If Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for you so you can automatically exchange link to any website and even earn money by this way.
Also support is very quick and friendly even in weekend.

Comprehensive Directory Features

featuresCreate a high configurable and customizable Yahoo style multi-column directory of one-way and two-way reciprocal links with unlimited number and hierarchies of categories and individual detail page for every link/entry. Let users link back to deeper pages of your website, check for backlinks automatically, auto-approve or approve links by email, optionally charge a fee for one-way links and featured links, and add a single entry to multiple categories

Exhaustive User Options

usageLet users vote and rate entries, submit reviews, like and unlike listings, add links to their favorites list, suggest new categories, recommend links to friends, report broken links to admin, check submission status, claim links in directory and bookmark links! Display thumbnails of websites, show snap preview upon mouseover, show alexa and google page rank, track hits to partner websites,  add custom images for categories, search categories and links and more...Prevent spam and unwanted bots by using one of the several advanced anti-spam techniques provided by JV-LinkDirectory.


Very Good product & Amazing Support

When you decide to buy a product to check its features and then reviews concerning their support. There is no doubt that JV-linkdirectory is a great extension but best of all I am writing for thei support. Just one word: EXCELLENT

Delivers the SEO Punch

seoMultiple profiles per link, set unique page meta data, description and titles, keywords for links, related articles display, related links display, rel=nofollow settings, sticky links to highlight prominent links of a category, SEF URLs for links and categories, RSS feeds, social bookmarking of links, Facebook integration, post to Twitter when link is added, Google +1 widget integration, Integrations with Disqus commenting system, Facebook commenting system and more..

Pays you back with Revenue Generation Services

roiJV-LinkDirectory provides 4 different revenue generation options for you - One way Paid Links, Paid Featured Links, Category Sponsorships and Advertisements. In each of these options, you can define multiple payment plans for user to choose from, configure them as recurring or one time payments and also create and issue coupons. JV-LinkDirectory also supports processing and receiving payments via PayPal or offline mode of payments. You can create coupon code that can be limited by time or number of impressions. Coupons can also be created for one or more services..


JV-LD - Excellent Support For Awesome Software

Having recently upgraded my directory from Joomla 1.5 to 3.1 the task of upgrading the directory database was really intimidating. Thats partly why it was still on Joomla 1.5 for so long! The support I received from JVLD however was incredible. Without their help I think I would have been forced to give up. Thanks so much for everything! I really could not have done it without you guys!

Photo and YouTube Video Galleries!

galleryLet your site visitors upload photos and YouTube videos for their listing, generate thumbnails for photos automatically, manage them from site front-end and back-end, display photos and videos in link detail pages, configure allowed photo dimensions and set limits on number of photos and videos that can be uploaded.

Custom Fields for Listings

customizationDefine and create custom fields for links. They can be text fields, text areas, check boxes, radio buttons, date fields, drop downs, social media urls like Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.... You may also order  them, make them optional, search inside them, define basic validations and also link to them in site-frontend.


JV-LD - A great product with outstanding support

JV-LD is great - easy to install (I was a Joomla novice when I first installed it), easy to use and as I say, outstanding support. I have installed and used JV-LD on several websites. On the one occasion when I did have a layout issue (a problem with the template CSS. I was using rather than JV-LD), the developer logged into my Joomla website and fixed it for me! JV-LD is constantly being developed and the developer does seem keen to integrate all feasible feature requests, left by users on his forum, into future editions. Top marks.


Advertise in your Directory!

advertiseCreate advertisement slots, sell advertisement spaces in directory and earn money. JV-LinkDirectory provides IPN based PayPal integration to collect payments. You may also track ad impressions, expire ads by date and Ads can be HTML/Flash too!

Free or Paid Featured Listings

featuredSell or give featured links for free, display featured links block in directory in fixed or vertical sliding layouts, exclusive page to showcase featured links, PayPal integrated payment processing for featured links, set multiple pricing plans and increase revenue with Featured links. View all your transactions and associated purchase information out of advertisements, featured links, sponsor a category etc... from a centralized revenue manager section in JV-LinkDirectory backend


JV-LD - Great Customer Support

Yes, I agree.. nothing is perfect for everyone but Mr. Sniranjan obviously tries. I know from providing my own support how difficult, time consuming, and tire consuming it can be at times. Mr. Sniranjan customer support is definitely A+ for the cost of the software. If you want to make a purchase and feel good about it, that this is it. Not only does the great service propel me to make this recommendation, but the software of course is built very well and extremely flexible to be what you need it do. If you it doesn't you can simply make a recommendation on new features and unlike most software, the actual writer is going to read it. What more can you ask for? Great Job Sniranjan, I wish I had friends like you.


JV-LD - Looks Good, Works Well, Great Support

I'm not usually a 5 star person because things could always be better but these guys really deserve all 5 stars. The directory is comprehensive, easily customisable to your own needs, looks good, great functionality and the best of all the support is quick and effective



CB, JomSocial, AlphaUserPoints Integrations

jvld-cbjsDisplay link owner avatar in link listings and detail pages, send message to link owner, view link owner profiles, reward points to members upon specific directory events  and show activity stream with events from directory in JomSocial and Community Builder

Administrator Ease of Use Features

Configure 25+ email templates, create thousands of categories in bulk, backup directory files and tables from backend, convert one-way to two-way links and vice-versa, add private notes about every links, communicate with partner via email from with in JV-LinkDirectory, sample data installation of directory with pre-defined categories and links, recycle bin to hold trashed links, Styles manager to create styles and layouts for directory, import links from Bookmarks, LinX, JV-LinkExchanger, Weblinks and CSV/Text files,  150+ configuration options, import/export settings to/from XML, Advanced caching techniques to improve performance and more....


JV-LD - Phenomenal

Good stuff, excellent service. I made a few suggestions a month or two ago. I come back to check what is going on and all of my suggestions have been incorporated into the latest release. Thanks guys.


Send SMS Notifications via Clickatell

ClickATellJV-LinkDirectory uses the Clickatell Bulk SMS Gateway to send SMS to administrator mobile phone. All that you need is to create a clickatell account, create a HTTP API config and configure the settings along with your phone number to which sms need to be sent in JV-LinkDirectory admin panel.

Sponsor A Category

Allow visitors to sponsor categories for a fee. Show sponsor information like banner, title, description and link in category pages. You may set multiple pricing plans and use PayPal IPN integration provided by JV-LinkDirectory to earn money with category sponsorship.


Amazing product and lightning fast support

This product has gone from strenght to strength. I have been using this for a couple of years now and the support has ALWAYS been outstanding. I am still discovering possibilities I was not aware of today. All I can say is, if you are looking for a good product/directory/link exchange and much more do not hesitate you will not regret it. Thanks Niranjan and team!

Powerful Third Party Functions and Extensions Integrations


  • Sitemap using Xmap - Exclusive plugin for adding JV-LD URLs to Xmap, which produces sitemap for Joomla! websites
  • Joomla Integrated Search - Exclusive Joomla! plugin to allow Joomla! to search from within JV-LD data and display results
  • Community Builder user profile integration - Exclusive Community Builder plugin for JV-LD, that will display a new tab with links that belong to the logged in user
  • Google Maps integration with JV-LD - Enables maps to be generated from custom fields
  • JomSocial Integration - Integrates JV-LD links of the user, in user's JomSocial profile, assigns and provides user points for specific activities in JV-LD, displays actions done in JV-LD onto JomSocial
  • Twitter Integration - Post new website publishing to Twitter as tweets
  • PayPal IPN Integration - To automate the processing of IPN notifications from PayPal for one way paid links, paid featured links and sponsor a category
  • Plugin for AplhaUserpoints - New Plugin that integrates with Alphauserpoints Joomla component. You can reward your site visitors with points, when they add links, add links o their favorite list, write reviews for links etc...
  • thumbnails - Fetch thumbnails from and display them in the JV-LD directory for links
  • thumbnails - Fetch thumbnails from as an alternate choice of and display them in the JV-LD directory for links
  • JV-LD Plugin for Joomla! Article Creator - New Plugin to create a Joomla! article when links are published in JV-LD.

Utilities for Directory Administrator


  • Import categories andlinks from text file
  • Import categories and links from Bookmarks component
  • Import categories and links from LinX
  • Import categories and links from Weblinks component
  • Import categories and links from JV-LinkExchanger
  • Create categories in bulk from a text file
  • Scheduled backlink check
  • Mass email manager
  • Broken link checker
  • Rebuilding thumbnails
  • Rebuilding galleries
  • Install Sample Data
  • Regenerate SEF URL alias for categories
  • Regenerate SEF URL alias for Links
  • JV-LD Backup manager
  • Delete all links and categories


Joomla Modules

Install modules and show directory content for favorite links, latest links, popular links, most visited links, random links, featured links, tree style link categories, most votes Links, directory statistics, number of views, directory wall module, compact search form, compact add link form and most likes


Still not convinced? Read more testimonials of JV-LinkDirectory from our customers here...

Have a question about JV-LinkDirectory before deciding to buy? Ask here...

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Centralized Links Management and Keyword Advertising Extension Suite for Joomla!

JV-ContentLinks (JV-CL) is a very powerful links management and keyword advertising extension for Joomla!. JV-ContentLinks builds internal and external links for your Joomla! website, and enables you to improve your Joomla website Search Engine Optimization. JV-CL dynamically converts keywords to links in Joomla articles, blogs and several other 3rd party extensions and also allows you to advertise on keywords and earn money.

With JV-CL, you can configure links for keywords at Joomla admin back-end. These keywords will be automatically converted to links when they are displayed to the website visitor. This is a seamless integration. JV-ContentLinks also lets you advertise on keywords in Joomla and earn money. Not just that...JV-CL also lets you share revenue with article writers, thus increasing article submission and participation. JV-CL provides an online integrated PayPal payment solution as well, for you to collect payments!

You can purchase JV-ContentLinks for just USD 60 for the first year. You need to renew it before your subscription/purchase expires. Renewal is optional and will cost USD 25 for 1 year or USD 40 for 2 years.


  • JV-ContentLinks enables Joomla! website owners to manage all their internal links in Joomla and external links in Joomla articles and blogs in one central location at back-end
  • JV-ContentLinks lets your website visitors, select keyword phrases from article and blogs, and advertise on them.
  • For the search engines, the links from keywords are natural one way links to advertiser?s website. This increases your publishing power to your customers and advertisers.
  • You do not need to do any PHP processing on your website for integrating payments using PayPal?. JV-ContentLinks takes care of this integration in real time using IPN processing. All that you need is a PayPal account.
  • JV-ContentLinks will monitor the keywords and remove Joomla links automatically, once the duration expires. So you need not worry about removing links on keywords once the advertising time-line expires
  • JV-ContentLinks gives you to the ability to manually activate links at back-end, archive links, delete links in articles, all without the need to open the article and edit it



JV-ContentLinks is natively compatible with Joomla 2.5.




Works great - 200%

I use this extension on a site where internal linking is important for SEO. First step is I select an internal article and decide on which keywords on the page should be automatically linked to other pages on the site. Then automatically any page that has the same keywords will will be text linked to that page. All of this is customizable by Section and Category.

Even more terrific is the incredible support. Submit a ticket and the response is quick.

And they listen to users suggestions. I made a suggestion and two days later it was incorporated into their latest update. It was not a simple suggestion and I am sure it required some serious programming.

I rated this component Excellent. I would rate it even higher if it was possible. Excellemente!


Centralized Links Management

With JV-CL, you can manage all internal and external links in articles, blog posts, and several other 3rd party components. The extension also provides offline and a real time online payment integration and post notification processing with PayPal with multiple currency options. JV-ContentLinks provides keyword advertising benefits - It lets you manage your keywords and its' links even if you do not want to do advertising on keywords. You can establish links on keyword phrases article-wide or site-wide or just on the first occurrence of it. JV-ContentLinks can be used a Joomla links manager. JV-ContentLinks supports unlimited keywords and keywords for link management and advertising.

  • Link keywords to existing menu items or urls (internal and external)
  • Restrict the link on keywords articles and blogs to specific categories
  • Add links on keywords only in the first occurrence of the keyword in an article, site-wide, article-wide and first occurrence site-wide
  • Style links with custom css classes
  • SEF URL support for Joomla default SEF, Artio JoomSEF, SEF Advanced, sh404SEF and AceSEF
  • Cloak links or create link redirects on keyword links
  • Add nofollow href attribute to links
  • Open keyword link in new or existing window, on a keyword level
  • Add exception rules for not linking keywords that appear between pre-defined HTML tags
  • Ability to use different types of criteria for search and replace functions
  • A mouse over non-obtrusive pop up when visitor hovers over links created by JV-ContentLinks. Uses free services of

A Must Have Extension

It's not very often I pay for an extension, let alone rate one. JV-ContentLinks filled a need for internal linking of keywords/phrases to categories/articles of my site. Worked like a charm!

Installed with no problems and works as expected.

The product has many other features I suspect I'll exploit one day too.



Keyword Advertising

JV-ContentLinks is a powerful Joomla! advertising component. Admins, buyers and customers can choose which keyword or phrase they want to advertise on, give details and pay for it. JV-ContentLinks takes care of all these operations in addition to processing payments using PayPal. You can also define pre-determined keywords which can only be advertised on. Advertisers can place their links on keywords in first-occurrence, article-wide and site-wide first occurrence scopes. Search form for searching keywords for advertising in front-end is provided, with which users can search for the keyword that they want to advertise.

Revenue Sharing with Article Authors

JV-ContentLinks supports revenue sharing. Revenue Sharing is the concept of sharing revenue generated out of keyword advertising in articles with the respective article owners or writers. This increases article submission and participation

JV-ContentLinks - Great Extension

This extension is almost perfect. Install was fast and ran into no problems with it. I posted a question about an extra module and received a response within 6 hours - great support! I'm used to waiting a day or so before anyone posts an answer on some extension support forums.

The only thing it's missing in my opinion is the ability to have multiple links per keyword and some sort of function to set priority and order. The "sitewide" option puts a single link on every instance of a keyword and being able to use this to set up a link as "alternating instance sitewide" and include filler links would let users still sell links on keywords they need for their own site


Comprehensive Admin Utilities

JV-ContentLinks provides detailed backend interfaces to view and manage links, manage pre-defined keywords for advertising, manage resource packs, configure 3PD components and manage revenue sharing. There are also utilities to import links from CSV/text file and export links to CSV format

What are Resource Packs?

JV-ContentLinks can replace keywords with links in many Joomla components. The depth of this capability differs from component to component. Broadly we classify this capability/support into two - Native and Partial support. Native support is provided by JV-CL with the help of resource packs which need to be purchased separately. The JV-CL product purchase includes the com_content resource pack for free.

Note: Compatibility of 3rd party components have been tested based on the support that each of the 3rd party component provides, for invoking plugins inside their code. We cannot guarantee that, this will work on all future versions of the 3rd party components, or if they change their behavior in the future


Capability Partial Native
Replace keywords with links in site-wide scopes
Replace keywords with links in first occurrence scope
Replace keywords with links in article-wide scope
Select specific article whose keywords can be replaced
Select specific article categories whose keywords can be replaced
Front-end advertising

Works like a charm!

This handy extention is probably one of the best ones to optimize your site.

It is a great seo enhancement, a must if you care about search engine positioning. This is really useful for good seo. Internal links are really important.

It's very easy to configure!
Thanks for the extension. Exactly what I was looking for and compatible with Artio JoomSEF.
As for the support? The best I've seen so far.



Still not convinced? Read more testimonials of JV-ContentLinks from our customers here...

Have a question about JV-ContentLinks before deciding to buy? Ask here...

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Social Networking - Publishing and Display Suite for Joomla!

JV-PostMaster is a social networking display and publishing suite for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0 using which you can post updates to social network providers like your Twitter, JomSocial and Facebook accounts (profile wall, groups walls and pages walls) and also send notifications to ping services like twingly, weblogs, google etc.. when Joomla! articles are saved or created. JV-PostMaster also provides modules to display latest tweets from your Twitter and Facebook profile, page and group walls.

Basically if you need a component that shows your Facebook and Twitter posts on your website and also want to post on your either of these accounts via your site then this is what you have been looking for... and I know you have been looking...and searching and looking and searching..

You can purchase JV-PostMaster for just USD 60 for the first year. You need to renew it before your subscription/purchase expires. Renewal is optional and will cost USD 25 for 1 year or USD 40 for 2 years.


  • Save time and improve your productivity by using JV-PostMaster to instantly tweet and update your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Post notifications to web based ping services like, etc... whenever articles are updated in your Joomla! website, thereby inviting such services to visit your website immediately for latest news
  • Post Tweets and status updates to JomSocial activity stream installed on your website, when articles are saved in Joomla frontend and backend
  • You can define your own message for tweeting/posting. Article title, section name, category name, author name, article link, article meta description and article description are available as pre-defined tags for your custom message!
  • Use the unique feature of Delayed Posting to save an article and delay its posting to provider accounts!. You can now go and make edits to the saved articles in this duration and ensure that the latest article edits are posted to provider accounts!


compat-j30 compat-j25

JV-PostMaster is natively compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.


Great Support

JV-extensions has stable products and great support. Niranjan is incredible fast answering issues in the forum, they also listen and implement new features asked by the users. They have a roadmap for 1.6 compatible extensions, so you can be sure that they will provide with new updates.

Go for it!


Post to Twitter


Post to multiple twitter accounts when articles are saved. You may post instantly and manually or schedule a tweet, when article is saved or created in Joomla. You can choose to prepend a prefix word in the tweet message to twitter, configure hash tag (search words in twitter) for each account, and can even post articles after they are published, when the start publishing date is set in the future. Display latest tweets (only your tweets or even your friends tweets) from your Twitter accounts in Joomla module. You may configure the number of tweets to be displayed too! The output is cached for better performance and to avoid hitting twitter servers too frequently!


Compatibility with 3PD Extensions

galleryJV-PostMaster can post links and items to Facebook, Twitter, JomSocial and Ping Services, when they are created in EasyBlog, JV-LinkDirectory and K2 extensions too. Additionally, JV-PostMaster also monitors the Joomla database for new articles as they are created, there by making compatible with article generator components like FeedGator, Article Generator, Feed2Post etc....

Post to Facebook

Post to Facebook from JV-PostMaster


Add and post to multiple Facebook accounts! - pages walls, group walls and profile walls at the same time, post the first picture of the article in native Facebook format!, post articles after they are published when the start publishing date is set in the future, select between long and short urls for article link in Facebook status message.

JV-PostMaster requires that you create your own Facebook Application and use it to post to your accounts. This enables personalization in your messages in facebook walls.

Display latest updates from your Facebook profile wall or page wall in Joomla module. Display the number of comments, likes and include links for visitors to like and comment on posts

You may configure the number of posts to be displayed too! The output is cached for better performance and to avoid hitting Facebook servers too frequently!


Post to JomSocial Activity Stream

seoPost to your JomSocial activity stream, Post the first picture of the article in native format! and Post articles after they are published when the start publishing date is set in the future. You can also configure the number of characters of title and description to post!

Ping and Notify Web Search Engines on article updates

roiSend a ping to web services and notify them automatically, when articles are saved. Pinging can be done when articles are saved in frontend or backend. Pinging can be done when article is saved first time or every time or with a delay too!


This Component Rocks!

It is so worth it... I was searching everywhere for a component that would list my Facebook wall post on my site without listing everyone else or having a "like" button or showing everyone else posts... well basically this is the only component of it's kind I could find... And trust me I searched for days...

It does everything it says... the support team rocks and are fast with a response and with helping you out...

Basically if you need a component that shows your Facebook and Twitter posts on your website and also want to post on your either of these accounts via your site then this is what you have been looking for... and I know you have been looking...and searching and looking and searching...

Definitely worth the membership fee....


Comprehensive Admin Utilities and Other Features

customizationJV-PostMaster provides a comprehensive queue manager which displays the current queue status for posting. The queue also contains the list of messages queued for future posting.

  • A Jobs Status Manager is provided that lets you view detailed information of posting to check for errors.
  • Worried about posting too fast? You need not be... as JV-PostMaster lets you set a time gap between 2 postings!
  • JV-PostMaster gives you the choice of using or for url shortening in messages posted.
  • It automatically retries posting of messages and this is configurable too!.
  • You may also individual categories for posting to each Twitter and Facebook account!.
  • To top it at all, with JV-PostMaster you can post manually to Twitter, JomSocial and Facebook using site backend for Joomla articles, EasyBlog posts, K2 items and JV-LinkDirectory links

What are Resource Packs?

Joomla! core support is provided by default by JV-PostMaster. For other 3rd party components support, you need to purchase resource packages separately. A resource pack enables JV-PostMaster to integrate with a third party extension so that it can post to Twitter/Facebook accounts whenever articles/items are saved in that 3rd party extension.

Note: Compatibility of 3rd party components have been tested based on the support that each of the 3rd party component provides, for invoking plugins inside their code. We cannot guarantee that, this will work on all future versions of the 3rd party components, or if they change their behavior in the future


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Related Articles, Keyword Tagging and Social Media Extension for Joomla!

JV-Relatives is an advanced related articles and keyword tagging extension suite for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x. JV-Relatives improves Search Engine Optimization for your website, increases the time the user spends in your website and decreases user bounce rate. As your visitors complete reading the article, they are presented with links to articles that are related to the one that is displayed!

  • Retains the reader of the article for more time in the website by giving him the option to read more related articles
  • Displays the related articles or posts in random order or a preset order. This ensures that articles of your website that are not read frequently have more chance to be read, as they are displayed in the related articles section
  • Improves SEO of your Joomla! website by showing links to articles which are deep in your website, which otherwise get hardly noticed by search engines

You can purchase JV-Relatives for just USD 40 for the first year. You need to renew it before your subscription/purchase expires. Renewal is optional and will cost USD 20 for 1 year or USD 30 for 2 years.



compat-j30 compat-j25

JV-Relatives is natively compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.

Scan and Display Related Articles

JV-Relatives obtains the related articles by scanning the meta keywords or tags of other articles in your website. The related articles are chosen based on the keywords or tags configured for the displayed article. You can select categories to scan for related articles, search in article titles, set meta keywords to ignore for scanning, decide the sorting order of related articles from hits, created date, modified date, title, relevance of match etc...

Filtering and Styling of Related Articles

JV-Relatives provides multiple filters to decide the type of related articles. You may filter by author, language and age of related articles. You can also display thumbnails of related articles for which you can select first image in article or image configured in intro content or image configured in full content for articles. You may also choose from multiple display layouts and show article intro, last updated time, created time and number of hits.

Related Articles Display Positions

You can also display related articles block anywhere inside article content by using {jvrelatives} tag, or display it in pre-defined positions like top left of article content, top right of article content or beneath the article content. You may also switch off related articles display in specific articles.

Display Keywords/Tags in Articles

JV-Relatives enhances Search Engine Optimization of your website by aptly displaying keywords of the displayed article as tags above or below the article. The keywords can also be linked to default Joomla! search facility, there by improving your website Search Engine Optimization. This feature is available for supported third party extensions too.

Social Media Bookmarking

JV-Relatives displays a set of social networking buttons which can be placed above or below the article. These buttons allow the reader to share content or like and share it in Facebook, add it to Google+, tweet about the article and add to Pinterest.

3PD Components Support

JV-Relatives works with Joomla! core content (meta keywords and tags), EasyBlog (tags) and K2 (meta keywords). Usually the meta keywords are manually provided by authors when they create articles and are stored in the native tables of Joomla content or K2 or EasyBlog. There could be cases where you use components like AceSEF and sh404SEF to generate meta keywords and store them in their respective component tables. JV-Relatives has the ability to read those tables and scan for related content! JV-Relatives works with AceSEF and sh404SEF too!

Module and Plugin

JV-Relatives provides a module and a plugin to show related articles. Each of them can be used exclusively to show related items, social media icons and tags of the article displayed.

Buy this for your site

I bought JV-relatives (and also JV-contentlinks) for our sites and since then, we've had great results in search engine ranking and our bounce rate has gone donw.


Because these two components makes it visibly very easy for the users to read other parts of the site.

When you're reading one article, JV-relatives shows the users, like, 10 other exciting articles and many people do read on.

This makes your users happier, Google-bot sees your bouncerate is going down and thus gives you better rankings because you have proved to Google, that your site has great content (if not, the bouncerater would be higher)!

The support for this component is fantastic - Vijay does a GREAT job and responds in a polite and nice way!

I really support the JV-components and plugins!



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