Free Website Thumbnail Preview Extension Suite for Joomla! 3.x and 2.5 using ShrinkTheWeb

JV-ShrinkTheWeb is a free Joomla extension suite that enables you to display thumbnail previews of urls anywhere in Joomla. JV-ShrinkTheWeb achieves this by interacting with ShrinkTheWeb, the most powerful truly free website thumbnail provider. ShrinkTheWeb.com acts as a server providing thumbnail previews. JV-ShrinkTheWeb contacts the server, fetches the thumbnails and displays them in Joomla content. All that you need to do is insert or add {stwpreview} tags for urls in Joomla content (modules/components/plugins/templates!) and JV-ShrinkTheWeb will dynamically replace them with thumbnail previews during page loads.


  • Pictures speak a thousand words. Do so with thumbnail previews for urls on your website. Provide pictorial previews of website urls that can give a more professional ease of use to your site visitors
  • Recall previously visited websites, improve search accuracy, filter offensive websites, discover ambiguous and parked websites.
  • Use it along with your affiliate program to increase revenue. Add to your member profiles, forum signatures, web directories, Joomla weblinks, related links etc...

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JV-ShrinkTheWeb Product Features

  • Multiple Thumbnail Previews Per Page

    With JV-ShrinkTheWeb, you can add multiple stwpreview tags in your Joomla website content. JV-ShrinkTheWeb will replace all the tags with respective thumbnail previews. It does not matter in which component or module the tags added in. JV-ShrinkTheWeb just shows thumbnail previews there!
  • Styling the Thumbnail Images

    By default, JV-ShrinkTheWeb uses a predefined CSS class definition to style the div and img html tags it uses for the generated image. If you want to style it using your custom CSS definition, you may do so by defining a class parameter to the tag. Alternatively you may also customize the css of the default css definition. Additionally JV-ShrinkTheWeb also provides an inline CSS feature with which you can style individual thumbnail previews inline too!
  • Manage Thumbnail Previews

    With JV-ShrinkTheWeb, you can manage the cached thumbnail previews as well. You may search for cached previews based on search keywords and then select to delete them so that they are recreated again.
  • Preview Parameters

    JV-ShrinkTheWeb provides a number of parameters that govern the thumbnail generation. All parameters except the url parameter are optional. The parameters are given as inputs via the stwpreview tag and these include:
    • Size of the thumbnail (From any of the predefined sizes at shrinktheweb.com - xlg, lg, sm, vsm, tny, mcr)
    • Link the thumbnail to website
    • Open the website in new/existing window
    • Set quality to thumbnail that needs be generated
    • Specify the CSS class that needs to be used for styling the generated thumbnail image
    • Specify individual inline CSS that can be used for styling the generated thumbnail image
    • Set custom sizes for thumbnail
    • Capture inside pages as previews and not just the home page
  • Editor Button for URL Preview

    The latest version of JV-ShrinkTheWeb for Joomla 3.x provides an Editor Plugin that inserts a button into the editor. The button is called "URL Preview" and clicking on this will open up a pop up window where you can provide the values for parameters for url preview generation. The editor plugin will automatically create the stwpreview tag line and will insert into the content!. So its super easy now to add stwpreview tags into your content!
  • Caching of Thumbnail Preview Images

    ShrinkTheWeb.com provides 3 different types of accounts - Free, Basic and Plus. These accounts differ in the number of new requests that are made and bandwidth utilized per month. JV-ShrinkTheWeb helps you save bandwidth by caching the thumbnails it receives from ShrinkTheWeb.com in local folders in your Joomla website. The cache expiry time is configurable in JV-ShrinkTheWeb.