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Refund Policy

At JV-Extensions, we take pride in the quality of products we develop and support we provide to our customers. We are so confident in our services that every purchase comes with a 15 day money back guarantee.

If our product does not work as advertised, or if you are unsatisfied with our service, we will be happy to provide a full refund of your purchase within the first 15 days.

However, JV-Extensions reserves the right to refuse refunds if there are any abuse in our refund policy detected. This is to protect you as the consumer and ourselves.

We reserve the right to reject any refunds under the following abusive circumstances:

  • Refunds are strictly only applicable to new purchases and not for renewals.
  • Your refund request was made after 15 days of your purchase.
  • You simply decided not to use the extension.
  • You have previously initiated a refund request before regardless if it is the same or different account.
  • If your account is flagged abusive by our fraud system, we reserve the right to reject your refund request.
  • No refunds for all trial products after the trial period ends.

Before a refund will be given, you must allow us to try and help solve any problem you have. To obtain a refund, you may do so through by writing to support[at]jv-extensions[dot]com.