JV-LD - Excellent Support For Awesome Software

Having recently upgraded my directory from Joomla 1.5 to 3.1 the task of upgrading the directory database was really intimidating. Thats partly why it was still on Joomla 1.5 for so long! The support I received from JVLD however was incredible. Without their help I think I would have been forced to give up. Thanks so much for everything! I really could not have done it without you guys!

Very good directory extension

I like this Joomla! Extension. JV-LinkDirectory offers a lot of useful service and a good SEO tool for directory.
This is complete extension for directory.
Must to have it !

Amazing product and lightning fast support

This product has gone from strenght to strength. I have been using this for a couple of years now and the support has ALWAYS been outstanding. I am still discovering possibilities I was not aware of today. All I can say is, if you are looking for a good product/directory/link exchange and much more do not hesitate you will not regret it. Thanks Niranjan and team!


Thank you so much to the team at JV Extensions for making it possible to create a custom link directory which I would never have been able to create without your teams help. The support and extension and social media capabilities by far exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much.

Very Good product & Amazing Support

When you decide to buy a product to check its features and then reviews concerning their support. There is no doubt that JV-linkdirectory is a great extension but best of all I am writing for thei support. Just one word: EXCELLENT

A professional extension and very friendly and good support

V-Link Directory is an advanced extension can use by any website and necessary for any one has a Serious project on the net.
If Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for you so you can automatically exchange link to any website and even earn money by this way.
Also support is very quick and friendly even in weekend.

Amazing link directory solution for Joomla!

This is a really powerful extension! I was using some other solutions before, e.g. Sobi2 which in the end I was totally disappointed with. JV-LinkDirectory has a lot of interesting features and you don't have to buy many expensive add-ons to make it look and work good. They are already included in the main package! I'm very satisfied with the design and features of this extension. I would like to recommend it to anyone looking for a good link directory solution for Joomla!. Thanks!

Great Product - Great Support

The commercial version of JV-Link Directory is an extremely flexible for managing myriad software links. Although my site only has a few links now, I prefer to set up the organization first then add links rather than the other way around. The product performs as promised. In the future, I look forward to taking advantage of the features to help monetize the site.

Shortly after installing it, I had several RTFM questions and filed a trouble ticket. I was amazed to get a response in several hours. Instead of going off on me telling me to check the Forum first (like some other support staff I've dealt with), I received a detailed explanation that was right to the point. He also politely directed me to the available documentation for future use.
One can't ask for any more.

JV-LD - I love this!

I purchase extensions all the time and sometimes they are good and sometimes they are fair - but it is not very often that I feel they are GREAT. I love this extension. I have used several different directories and this one does it all and it LOOKS great too. Worked right out of the box, just went through all the configuration pages one by one and then made my categories and added links. Very simple. I love it when I feel like I've gotten 100% of my money's worth.

Great Extension, great support, great value for money

I have been using Joomla for many years now and seldom have I come across a component as good as this one. Even with the component being so good, the support, it has to be stressed, is even better.

I recommend this component to anyone looking for a great links directory that cannot fail but add another brilliant dimension to any website.

Perfect score!!

The BEST Weblinks and Directory Component

I cannot say enough good things about this product and its great developer.

This is a great web links component, even without the added benefit of two-way link exchanges. It gives you much more flexibility than the standard Joomla! web links component, allowing pagination and subcategories, which is great as far as search engine optimization (SEO) goes (too many external links on one page is does not help the page rank of the sites you're linking to).

On top of the ability to have a better organized links/directory page, JV-LinkDirectory adds the ability for visitors to perform a two-way (reciprocal) link exchange with you via an easy to use form, and for other folks to recommend site for inclusion without an exchange - the best of both worlds! It also has a powerful back-end to manage you links, displaying page ranks, traffic and reciprocal link status for the sites you link to.

The developer is very active in the component's forum, as are the users. The developer is also very receptive to feature requests, even when I made five of them in one day!

I highly recommend this to everyone as a replacement for the default Joomla! web links component, even if you only want to use a few of its features, it's worth it!


Great Component

I don't write reviews as often as I should but this component deserves one in glowing terms in my opinion.

It does a great job and the help is out of this world. I installed the standard version from the basic which I was using and the support has been so patient and helpful.

Great job - keep up the good work!


JV-LD - Very good

As good as it says, support rocks (and they answer fast to all questions, dummies or advanced), excellent value for money, the best tool I've had so far to make an online automated directory with link exchange capability.

Easy to setup


JV-LD - Don't look further! Best link component

I tried serveral other link components, especially on SEO background! I found JV-LinkExchanger - and I say: perfect and professional work.


JV-LD - Thanks!

Thanks a lot for this component... Easy to install and nice design...
What made my decision final to pick up this component is that it has a module "Random Links".



I purchased the Standard edition at $25 and at this price was expecting mediocre software. Things couldn't be further away from my initial thoughts - this software is awesome and will certainly liven-up my website.

Outside of the Joomla arena I have paid a lot more for software than I have paid for JV-LinkExchanger and have received less in the way of performance.


Great product

We have a commercial site and link exchange is crucial for us. JV-LinkExchanger is a great product and support is superb. We try support services during migration from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5 and the response was asap!!


JV-LD - Excellent product and support

I have purchase this product (JV-Linkexchange SE) and it is very simple to install. I had some problems with cdd loading with the template I use, but with a direct excellent support I have solved all my problems

Very good!
Thanks a lot


JV-extension is the great service

I recently bought the jvse 3.2.0 release because of the rich set of features. Installation on an old webserver failed due to the fact that the server did not support jvse 3.2.0. On my new webserver, the installation was very straightforward and I had the module running immediately. JV-extensions offered great service during the installation; they responded quickly and thorough.

After the installation I experienced two problems:

1 Images of the template were not suited for high resolution screens

2 I could not install the jvse JoomSEF plugin (my mistake)

The first problem was fixed within short notice by jv-extensions. They mailed me a new set of images, which I installed on the webserver, and the problem was fixed. The second problem was my own mistake. I tried to install the jvse Joomsef with the general Joomla installer, which is not correct. Instead, try the following steps:

1 Make sure joomla 1.5.x is running in legacy mode
2 Install JoomSEF 3.2
3 Go to the backend and click on the JoomSEF module, next click on install (top right) and select the ext_jvse_v100_j15xL zipfile.

That’s all!

In sum, the module has many advanced features, at least everything I need. Moreover, the biggest advantage of choosing a JV-extension is the great service! They respond quickly, are patient and have a lot of technical expertise.


Simply the Best Link Exchange Tool for Joomla

If you're running a Link Exchange program, J-LinkExchanger Standard Edition is the tool to use. Test the Basic Edition, but I can say that the Standard Edition is well worth the money.

I had some issues getting the Standard Edition running with OpenSEF (RC6) and the support team was on the ball from the second I posted for help in their forum. Nice to see they also have a ticket management system.

Thanks to the JV-LinkExchanger team for this great component and that refreshingly rapid and proactive support


Fantastic Support

Thank you for your fantastic support - it's a pleasure to be your customer. ;-)

Best regards
Mirko Herrmann
www.selfnessguide.de - be yourself


Super - especially in times of crisis

This is just an excellent component, but where most people would rate it because it's well programmed and the support is fantastic, I'd like to add another perspective:

We've been running a "yellow pages"-style website since 2001, where people in the wedding business of Denmark advertize.

In the recent crisis, it's never been harder to make the shops and vendors pay for advertizing.

Having this alternative (link exchange) it's really a win/win/win situation because THEY get a little free advertizing and WE get a link, ie. better rankings in Google.

But wait....did I say win/win/WIN? Where's the 3rd win? It's here:

Getting people to pay for online advertizing is often hard because no matter what price you offer, people often expect it to be eithe free or very cheap, compared to old media types.

Paying for online advertizing often becomes a barrier for getting new clients, and when we can now offer them a free link-exchange, this payment barrier is gone and when they're on our site, we can THEN start selling them our real advertizing. Then the barrier is gone


Very Nice Component

Very happy with this component.

I wanted an easy way to allow my visitors to exchange links with me. This component offers this feature and so much more!

It's all automatic (the component checks periodically to see if the visitor is still linking back to the site - which is terrific!)

If you need help setting things up, they'll do it for you for a very minimal price - and they're extremely helpful.

- Marc Sylvester
Laughingbird Software


JV-Extensions - Highly recommended! Works first time, support is quick

I wanted to build a directory style site and after having struggled with the styling on other components decided to buy this and give it a go.

Highly recommended! Works first time, support is quick (though you probably won't need it) and it looks great. Also there are a ton of options to configure and it's well worth paying for the full version. I have a couple of sites running the free version which I'll now upgrade.

If you want to do link exchange then this is for you but it has so much more to offer and is perfect for building a directory style site.

A single module which is multi configurable gives you all the display options you need without having to muck about installing loads of different modules.

Well worth the outlay.


Wish I had more then 2 thumbs...

As the old saying goes for good reviews of "I give this 2 thumps up" Well I wish I had more then 2 thumbs cause I certainly would give this site, products they offer and their fine level of support all thumbs up.

I stumbled across this site and tried their free version and thought wow can't get any better then this. So I read what the club package offer had as opposed to the free version and decided to join the club. Boy was I surprised with all the great bells and whistles included.

I own a residential painting business and came across a few other painting contractor sites with link exchanges and decided to do one myself, but I wanted it to be better then those sites so I searched and found jv-extensions. Since finding jv-extensions and joining the club I will not look back as the complexity and ease of setting up and running the JV-LinkDirectory is totally awesome.

All I can say is thanks very much to the developers of your products here at JV-Extensions and for the support you offer for such.


I wish everything worked this well


I am in the process of rolling out this extension for a new client. I looked at a number of products before choosing jvld, but I now know I made the right choice. From what I read on your site prior to purchase, it looked like jvld could do exactly what I wanted, so I bought it.

I was not disappointed!! The extension is extremely robust, yet is straight-forward and easy to configure and use. Your forums are loaded with great advice - I can tell they are monitored and members are answered promptly. The extension works exactly as I expected. No, that's not true. It works BETTER than I expected. After so long working in the Joomla world, I have come to be cynical about extensions. Too many never deliver on the promises made. Your product does!

Keep up the great work!!


JV-LD - Good Extensions

I buy this extensions yesterday, and I feeling me home to use this good extensions, i will i near future translate the backend to Danish.

I started making a directory of links with exchange links with SOBI2 and Moset Tree.
I was not very satisfied because SOBI2 (which is a very good component) is more oriented address book.

Price difference between JV Link Directory (JV-LD) and Moset Tree did that I chose JV Link Directory (JV LD) since it is somewhat cheaper, because you can choose a shorter membership which of course makes it possible to test kompomenten,

I find the slightly confusing but the layout is easy to foresee.

It could be a good idea for the owner to do a demo site in the Administrator so you can see how it works before making a purchase


Great Extension

I bought this component there is one year.
I looked for a replacement component "bookmarks" for J! 1.5.
I started making a directory of links with exchange links with SOBI2.
I was not very satisfied because SOBI2 (which is a very good component) is more oriented address book

I just retested JV-LD since the passage GPL.
What progress. I expect certain features, such as import from CSV files, a finer grained fields in the admin interface, a possible translation in French ....
and the administrator interface is not ergonomic.

This is a good calling, good try

Absolutely great Support!!!

Amazing support!!! Thank you very much Niranjan for your time spending by solving my problems. I have already tested this component and this is the best solution for link exchanging! I've been looking and comparing for a long time. This is the best one.


Exceptional Product and Service

I have not provided a review before, but these guys at JV Extensions need to be highly recommended and supported for an outstanding product and service. JV-LinkDirectory is absolutely outstanding in features and functionality and a must for any website owner or web designer.

Thanks for amazing support, service and great products!!!


JV-LD - Good Support

JV-LD is a good component but to my sense the true advantage it is the support of quality and effectiveness, I recommend this component to all those that wishes to create a directory with a large choice of functions. Personally JV-Ld I consider it like a Version "PHP Link Directory Script" for joomla


JV-LD - Phenomenal

Good stuff, excellent service. I made a few suggestions a month or two ago. I come back to check what is going on and all of my suggestions have been incorporated into the latest release. Thanks guys.


JV-LD - Wow, one word, "fantastic"

I can't not believe how good this script is. I started with the Free one, then decided to buy JV-link. To be honest I was hesitate at first because the out-of-the-box look does not good as good as Mosets tree, but I was wrong.

. It is jammed packed with features, I spent an hour just to play around with the admin, and I still have not fully understand it. There are so many options to customize.
. Price: Great, the subscription is very reasonable, if not cheap compare to Mosets Tree.
. Support: Wow, amazing! Niranjan respond to my questions quickly and efficiently. And my questions was not even about the script's bug or errors, but my customization (which he doesn't have to support at all). Not only that, he was went beyond helping by login to my site and fixed my CSS. Compare to Mosets tree, a question about reciprocal link has no answer in 3 days (and still has not). This guy knows what's he doing, and stand behind his product!

Cons: I have to think hard to find these
. No option to change the language via admin interface. If you have other language rather than English you have to go through language file to make change.
. Design looks good, but not great, but if you know what you're doing I don't see why it's a problem.

You can't go wrong with JV-Link. This is the best purchase I've ever made with Joomla, along with JVvideo and sh404SEF. Thank you Niranjan again, you're rock!


JV-LD - Absolutely perfect product!

Thank you to exist!


JV-LD - What else could you want?

This is a great Links Directory.
Worth every penny


JV-LD - Looks Good, Works Well, Great Support

I'm not usually a 5 star person because things could always be better but these guys really deserve all 5 stars. The directory is comprehensive, easily customisable to your own needs, looks good, great functionality and the best of all the support is quick and effective


JV-LD - Great products

Thanks for amazing support, service and great products!!!


JV-LD - My Vote

Great Component


JV-LD - The best Extension Ever

At 1st it did not meet my needs, BUT I had contacted the customer service and Niranjan made a custom mod which I paid for AND now this is the best directory i have had and EASY .... SO EASY TO USE......I recommend to everyone. The customer service is great too.


Great component - first class support

The component seams stable and welt built. Working great on my site. I had a small problem but Sniranjan showed first class support and fix it immediately!

Request for later editions:
* Even greater GUI in frontend
* Improvent i backend dashboard (overview)
* Full support for Joomfish

I really recommend this extension!


JV-LD - Best of the Best

JV-Link Directory is hands down, by far, the best link manager/reciprocal link checking component (and so much more) for joomla in existence. JV-Extensions has developed it over the years into an in-depth and flexible directory system that rivals dedicated business directories in it's features and functionality, while at its core providing a slew of features that no other directory provides - namely the most complete link management functionality available for joomla.

As a link component, it is unrivaled in it's functionality. If you can imagine it, it does it... And on the off chance that it doesn't, just contact them and it's not uncommon for him to create the new functionality that you need or want right there on the spot and upload it to your website! His service and support for his components is fabulous - if only all component developers were so generous and responsive to webmaster's needs!

Highly recommended!!!


JV-LD - Perfect links submission manager

Really good component to create a database of partners : so many possibilities and features...
And perfect support : fast and efficient
So happy


JV-LD - A great product with outstanding support

JV-LD is great - easy to install (I was a Joomla novice when I first installed it), easy to use and as I say, outstanding support. I have installed and used JV-LD on several websites. On the one occasion when I did have a layout issue (a problem with the template CSS. I was using rather than JV-LD), the developer logged into my Joomla website and fixed it for me! JV-LD is constantly being developed and the developer does seem keen to integrate all feasible feature requests, left by users on his forum, into future editions. Top marks.


JV-LD - Great Product and Support

First off, I very seldom give any form of review a perfect score. I feel there is always room for improvement, whether it be with the product itself or more than likely with the service or support. Yet, here I am giving out a 5 star rating for JV-LD, which has quickly become my most favorite component.

After checking out every directory component for Joomla, lots of head scratching, and late nights testing some of them, I went ahead and purchase JV-LD. Right from the start I was impressed with this component. It seemed rock solid and contained the basics of what I was looking for in a link directory.

I'm sure when anyone is looking for a particular component to fit their needs each component will come up short in some area. The more I used it, the more I wanted it to do. Not a problem as you can just send them your requests and if it is something simple, they normally get back with a solution in a matter of minutes. If it is a little more complicated, they will tell you they will check on it and see if it is possible. If so, it will make it in an upcoming release. They seem truly interested in improving and making JV-LD one of the best link directory components out there.

You also cannot give a proper review of something like this unless you have a problem. Then you get to see what type of support you receive from a company. I kind of expect to receive crappy support from free components, but when you pay for a product you at least want problems to be addressed. Every single problem or question I've had has been promptly answered and fixed in a timely manner. I've never had to wait and wait only to ask the same question again. Niranjan has always been quick and professional in his responses...even when I've had problems and they were not a result of their component, but the template I was using. I've had them send me custom code changes, log into my site to check and/or change things, etc. Each time a solution was found that I was happy with.

Thanks for the great product and service you provide. I highly recommend anyone looking for a directory component to give JV-LD a try.

Top notch company to deal with that has great support
Extremely stable and feature rich component
Best link management features of any component I've tested
Easy an intuitive front end submissions
Back end management features
Easy to customize

Spending way too much time coming up with new directories to use this on


Great links component!

I've upgraded to JV-LinkDirectory from a much older component, it was simple to install, imported my old links automatically and the developer's support is fast and easy to understand : I had no problems styling the component to fit in with my site (the component's built in CSS editor is a real bonus here).

The sh404sef plugin worked perfectly for me too. Five stars!


Great Support Niranjan must work 24hr a day!

It amazes me to see how fast the responses are each time when I have a question, and nearly always from Niranjan.
Surely he must be working more than 8hrs.

Much appreciated and also love the component, I am still picking up new possibilities.



Best extension & Developers out there!

This is a superb product, and it works right out of the box - unlike 95% of the extensions on here.The instructions are clear & concise and when you need to help to tweak it support is fantastic. NO language problems and they are on it straight away. I wish these guys made more extensions I need.


Fantastic component and support!

I usual don't have a time to write review but I spared my 2 minutes for this one!This component works as described by developer is well developed. I had a few issues caused by my template CSS, Mootools, and JCE settings which caused a bit problem to display categories on IE9. However, Niranjan (the Developer) is tireless to help and provide excellent support, The component works perfect out of box with a lot features with options to turn them on and off. I highly recommended


JV-LD - Great Customer Support

Yes, I agree.. nothing is perfect for everyone but Mr. Sniranjan obviously tries. I know from providing my own support how difficult, time consuming, and tire consuming it can be at times. Mr. Sniranjan customer support is definitely A+ for the cost of the software. If you want to make a purchase and feel good about it, that this is it. Not only does the great service propel me to make this recommendation, but the software of course is built very well and extremely flexible to be what you need it do. If you it doesn't you can simply make a recommendation on new features and unlike most software, the actual writer is going to read it. What more can you ask for? Great Job Sniranjan, I wish I had friends like you.


JV-LinkDirectory - webdirectori - Great customer support

Namaste Sniranjan!
Thank you for making such a nice and complex programming. I think investment I made is worth it. I had some problems but coming here on documentation page and forum i got all my answers. Seems to me you didnt leave nobody without answers. Great customer support.

I made (or tried at list ) web directory completely on JV-LD and I think its looks OK


thanks again and good luck in your programing carrier


JV-LinkDirectory - Love the Component!

Love the component. Setting up to really get traffic going on the site....

Links.SubmitCo.Com Effective Link Building Service / Business Online Advertising

Thanks for the great support also!


JV-LinkDirectory - Excellent Product, Excellent Support

Being new to SEO and building websites in general I was a little skeptical in paying for a product I didn't fully understand. I must say ALL of my worries are now gone.

The JV-LinkDirectory is a wonderful product. Not only is it fully featured (more then I ever imagined) it has tremendous documentation. And if that isn't enough - the response time with any questions you might have are answered in LESS then a day.

I cannot recommend this product enough!


JV-LD - Just How Good Can It Get?

I use JV-LD on our website. It is a very advanced link directory management system with features that go well beyond other web link extensions, both free and commercial.

The staff at JV-Extensions are always trying to improve their products by introducing new elements and refining existing ones, with the ultimate goal of providing Joomla users' with the best extensions that money can buy.

One does not have to think too deeply as to whether the the cost of their extensions, especially JV-LD is worth the money. The professional look it gives ones website says it all. Highly recommended, not just because of their professional products but also after sales care, which, sadly with a lot of other companies seems to be lacking somewhat.

Paul Stuart
Contract Flooring Magazine


JV-LinkDirectory - Not for faint at heart!

This extension is excellent. Very intuitive and complete! I must say, after being a Joomla fan for a couple of years, testing most extensions, this extension is everything and more you could hope for in a directory extension. As usual, there is some room for improvement, but the owner has left that open for you to customize as you wish! Bravo for this excellent extension. Customer Service is great. The only issue is the login and access to information. You must be patient, but will be well worth it. Go for the maximum, you will not be disappointed!


Simply...Comprehensive, High Quality, Superb!

I tried a few others (including non-Joomla)services and was blown away by the functionality so neatly hidden and delivered (out of the box - no hacks, no corrections, no messy anything) with this "far too much to be FREE!" component + supporting module. Love the Snap.com integration and the various options available for customization.

Highly recommended, too powerful for words to describe. Check it out!


Great for reciprocal site links

I had been looking for a reciprocal links component for some time for Joomla and JV-LinkExchanger definitely works perfectly for this purpose. It is quick and simple to install and setup. It supports both text and banner links, as well as one way and two way reciprocal linking between your Joomla site and a third party site.

Visitors can also easily submit their site for inclusion in the links directory, and the ability to pay for monthly featured link subscriptions is also in place.

As a general external web links directory it is however currently missing a few useful additions that can currently be found in some of the other directory web link components such as Bookmarks, so it is worth testing both if you don't need the reciprocal link ability.

Front end link hits is due to be added in the next release so that is a good addition I have wanted as users can instantly see how popular each link is.


A professional extension and very friendly and good support

JV-Link Directory is an advanced extension can use by any website and necessary for any one has a Serious project on the net.

If Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for you so you can automatically exchange link to any website and even earn money by this way.

Also support is very quick and friendly even in weekend.