Release Date: 06 November, 2018

JV-LinkDirectory 5.13 is a feature, major enhancements and bug fix release.

New Features:

  1. Permissions to view extra fields. Admin can select usergroups who are allowed to view extra fields in front-end
  2. Integration of AWS SNS with JV-LinkDirectory for sending SMS
  3. Let listing owners be notified via SMS when certain events occur in the directory
  4. Provided Amazon AWS S3 as a new option for uploading and managing files for listings
  5. Show photos in scrolling gallery above the tabs in detail page in a carousel
  6. Show tabs in detail pages only to selected user groups
  7. Ability to show or hide tabs in front-end detail page
  8. Filters and Search for multi valued field like Checkbox
  9. Added Chinese Simplified translation file for front-end.


  1. Automatic verifying of links
  2. Broken link enhancement in back-end
  3. Broken link enhancement in front-end
  4. Filter to show broken links in back-end in listings
  5. Show number of broken links in dashboard in back-end and highlight in red in links screen
  6. Configure such that admin is notified when someone clicks on a broken link
  7. Redesigned detail page such that the info tab shows all the data instead of beneath the initial data below the header
  8. Added new option to set the default sort order for links page
  9. Added new option to disable pagination in module
  10. Added new option for admin to show or hide link published on date and owner info in detail page header
  11. Added new option to upload a custom image for default advertise here image
  12. Better handling of remote call failures in application
  13. Redesigned the Alexa traffic rank fetch business logic. Used APIs instead
  14. Provided option to control feature on/off, control cache period and delete cache for traffic history
  15. Provided option to control cache period for traffic rank
  16. Provided a Reset Search and All Filters button in Search box but without any of the checkbox filters preset from the values chosen in the module

Bugs Fixed:

  1. {LOGIN} string is lost during translation in certain languages
  2. CSS fixes for Bootstrap 3.x
  3. Upgrade to 5.12.1 fails when upgrading to 5.12.alpha.1 if there are special characters in oway_summary
  4. Filter dropdown in toolbar shows votes and rating even if rating system is disabled
  5. Error in Pinterest link
  6. Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
  7. Itemid is not returned properly if multi language is set and lang code is available
  8. After installation of sample data, tabs or section visibility for public is not reflected in backend configuration
  9. Carousel controls are shown in detail page when carousel images are not there
  10. Pagination in bootstrap 3.x in links page shows vertical and is mis-aligned.
  11. Some forms dont have cancel button, but reset button is available. This is not good customer experience.
  12. Fixed Unicode slug vs Transliteration problem
  13. Trying to get property 'link' of non-object in /var/www/html/jvld513/components/com_jvld/router.php on line 480 during search via plugin
  14. Error while running installation to version : 5.13.alpha.2 >> Can't DROP '#__jvld_extrafields_idx_1'; check that column/key exists
  15. Monthly statistics email says For more information, please visit your listing at {MY-SITE-URL}
  16. Error while running installation to version : 5.12.1 >> Duplicate key name '#__jvld_links_idx_3'
  17. When a lot of values are checked in checkbox extra field, it truncates values stored for listings at 250 characters
  18. When specifying checkbox filters in the Listings Toolbar and Map module, pressing search takes me to the Directory Search screen but without any of the checkbox filters preset from the values chosen in the module
  19. When there are no matches, there is no way to go back to the search screen with default screen
  20. Category sponsorship banner is not updated properly when customer submits one.
  21. Leading slash in email sent to partner