Release Date: 09 July, 2019

JV-LinkDirectory 5.14 is a maintenance, improvements and bug fix release.


  1. New option to not strip the listing description when shown in category pages.
  2. New option to hide "No listings" message in category pages, when there are no listings to show.
  3. New option to hide business points of interest in maps in category and detail pages.
  4. New option to set the status of listings imported using import utility.


  1. Removed Chat support section in JV-LD pages in backend and config options.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Page title starts with hyphen when title is set to be empty.
  2. Show on map does not work when pagination is visible, and that button is clicked for a listing in 2nd page.
  3. Taskmgr cron run keeps running all the time.
  4. Restricting Google maps keys as they dont work for both features.
  5. Internal Server Error while providing Rating using Komento.
  6. Class 'EasyBlogRouter' not found